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Get Cheapest Free v1.2.0

Reward your customers by giving them the cheapest product for free. Evoke a sense of joy and customers will feel it each time when remembering your store!
Motivate customers to come back
Let customers know about your presents
Expand Magento promotion functionality
Ability to give several free products in 1 order
Ability to limit the number of free products

Get Cheapest Free

Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.8.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.13.x

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Note. Our new Special Promotions module contains all the functionality of the Get Cheapest Free extension. So you get new features and improvements for the same price.

Give little presents - get considerable profit!

Increase average order size.

Stimulate customers to add more products to cart and reward them in the way that is both pleasant to customers and profitable for you - by giving the cheapest products for free.

Expand Magento promotion functionality.

The world wide advertising solution 'Cheapest Free' now available for Magento platform too. Do not hesitate to use it!

Motivate customers to come back.

Customers won't even notice, that they spend more, because the nice feeling of care will warm their hearts.

Let customers know about your presents.

If an order meets the specified conditions, the customer will be informed about getting a free item with the note "One item for free". Plus, the cost of the product will be marked as "discount" in the order total.

Create thought-out conditions using the extension's flexibility.

Give several cheapest products for free in 1 order.

Now you can create discounts like 'Get 1 cheapest product free for each 3 purchased products', so if a customer buys 12 products, he or she will get 3 cheapest items for free.

Limit the number of free products.

For example, 1 free cheapest product for 3 paid products, however not more than 2 free products in an order.

Add free items from a certain category, brand or other attributes.

If you would like to provide for free items only from a certain category or of a particular brand, please indicate the category and/or brand in conditions. Of course, you can use all other attributes available to shopping cart rules conditions.

Specify the number of products customers need to buy to get one for free.

Use ‘Discount Qty Step (Buy X)’ field to specify how many products customers need to buy to get one free item. If you indicate 4, it means that from every 4 items purchased customers will get 1 for free (that means three products will be paid and one free). If you leave ‘0’ (zero), customers will get only 1 free item per order (if conditions are met).

How it works:

  • Install the extension
  • Create new shopping cart price rule
  • Properly set conditions, following the user guide
  • Enjoy the result

Check out new promotional features

Get closer to you customers

Try our advanced module for multiple discounts generation, called Special Promotions Pro. The extension allows to create promotional programs not only with the cheapest or most expensive products, but to use a wide range of marketing tools, such as creating discounts based on customers’ order history, offering deals based on customer attributes and many others.

7 reasons to choose  
Risk-free Investment
Risk-free Investment

14-day moneyback guarantee (30-day for Enterprise versions). No questions asked.

Comprehensive Documentation
Comprehensive Documentation

There is a detailed user guide with examples even for tiny addons. FAQ section and videos also available.

Solutions Which Work
Solutions Which Work

Careful in-house testing ensures you get robust applications. Multiple stores support. Custom themes compatibility. All included.

Outstanding Support
Outstanding Support

Our support service is friendly and of high quality. And it is free. Unbelievably. Just check independent reviews at Magento Connect.

Usability and Performance
Usability and Performance

Nice and easy to use interfaces. Fast algorithms. Save your time and get things done.

Flexible and Easy Licensing
Flexible and Easy Licensing

No product or store view or domain limits. No monthly fees. No hidden charges. One extension license for one Magento installation.

Long Term Strategy
Long Term Strategy

We've been in the market for 4+ years. We're proud to be a Bronze partner and are planning to stick to Magento platform for years ahead. We're doing our best to build extensions which maximize effectiveness of your business. We're open to customers' suggestions and constantly update our products to match your needs.

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

Online Extension User Guide

Questions & Answers

Additional Information
Compatibility Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.8.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.13.x
Support and Updates 120 days of free support and updates included
User Guide File Name No
Get Support Contact our support department
Customer Reviews
A Pioneer In The PromotionReview by Hugh
Overall extension rating
It is a classic promotional rule, which is very popular in the world. I think that each web store used such rule at the beginning of the business. And I really convinced that this legendary promotion should has each store. We also used it, but upgraded to Special Promotions Pro to expand our promotional opportunities.

Best wishes,
(Posted on 9/3/13)
We updated to Special Promotions ProReview by Donald
Overall extension rating
Popular promotional rule. It seems that practically each web store has such condition. We used it for some months and we upgraded it to special promotion pro.

Donald (Posted on 8/19/13)
It seems OKReview by Landy
Overall extension rating
I was looking only for this feature, I don't need a cumbersome extension for promotions with lots of features, just one feature - to give customers discount gets the cheapest product for free. And the extension expected my needs. Now my customers and of course me are happy.

Thank you
Landy (Posted on 8/6/13)
Awesome marketing toolReview by mandy13
Overall extension rating
This tool is perfect for product promotions, you may not believe but the customers really come back to the store. One more time I see that everything simple is great. (Posted on 7/17/13)
Unbelievebly great effect!Review by Andrew
Overall extension rating
We wanted to start marketing with simple promotions and this extension was meant for this. I won't praise Amasty, I'll only give dry numbers. We're using Google Analytics and statistics says that the number of returning customers has increased by 13,5% in 1 month! This result is outstanding for such small shop as we are. I'll definitely listen to Amasty's recomendations in the feature. (Posted on 6/11/13)
Nice addonReview by Hovard
Overall extension rating
The extension has narrow functionality, but it was exactly what our company needed. We just wanted to give a free belt, if buying 2 pairs of pants, the mod perfectly did it's job. by the way Amasty has promotional extensions with broad features, which include the functionality of Get Cheapest Free. (Posted on 6/11/13)
Cool companyReview by Ron
Overall extension rating
Great support for purchase extension. Definitely worth the paying for

Amasty support system (Posted on 4/6/13)
Goog work!Review by John
Overall extension rating
Great extension... expanded our range of special offers we can offer our customers.
Comes with great (fast) support if there are some issues.
Good job done here..!

Magento Connect (Posted on 4/6/13)
No problems with this great modReview by Piter
Overall extension rating
Nice module, and we've already upgraded to the Special Promotions with no issues.

Web Consultant
Amasty support system (Posted on 4/6/13)

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Overall extension rating
Version 1.2.0 - February 28, 2011
– Ability to give several cheapest products for free in one order. Now you can have discounts like 'Get 1 cheapest product free for each 3 purchased products', so if a customer buys 12 products, he/she will get 3 cheapest items for free.
– Ability to limit the number of free products. For example 1 free cheapest product for 3 paid products, however not more than 2 free products in an order.
Version 1.0.4 - August 22, 2010
– Maintenance release - minor bugfix.
Version 1.0.1 - April 18, 2010
– Compatibility with Magento 1.4.