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  • Improved Layered Navigation

    104 Review(s)
    Improved Layered Navigation
    • Ajax Layered Navigation
    • Shop by Brand
  • Extended Product Grid with Editor

    61 Review(s)
    Extended Product Grid with Editor
    • Extend product grid with any attributes e.g. brand, cost, etc.
    • Edit product attributes right on the product grid with fast AJAX
  • Special Promotions Pro

    37 Review(s)
    Special Promotions Pro
    • 22 additional discount rules for powerful promotions
    • Deals based on any customer attributes – name, DOB, etc.

Welcome to Amasty website!

Here you’ll find the whole range of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions developed to equip your online store from top to toe. Along with time proven bestsellers like Improved Layered Navigation, Color Swatches Pro, Free Gift or One Step Checkout, you’ll find a great variety of other top notch Magento extensions that will help you to meet even the pickiest customers’ needs.

While creating our products we follow the highest quality standards. It lets us supply Magento stores from all over the world with modules characterized by a clear code structure and intuitive interface. Personal approach has always been one of our core priorities, that’s why our support team works hard to deliver the most effective solutions and instant help.

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Recent Reviews

Emile Koolstra
The Amasty Improved Layered Navigation extension is included in all our project proposals for customers looking for a premium solution.
As we at Younify want only the best for our customers, they also care about their Magento webshop visitors by providing the best shopping experience. Our extensions’ recommendations always result in positive customers’ feedbacks, so we are really happy being partners with Amasty.
Emile Koolstra
Owner, Younify
Teodor Štimec
Two reasons why the extension is brilliant — for Improved Layered Navigation extension
I think I have to point out two aspects in which this extension is brilliant.
  1. Customer experience with all filtering possibilities.
  2. SEO aspect with all possibilities to go over all usual problems that filters have in navigation.
Really a must have extension for any serious Magento shop!
Teodor Štimec
Ceo, Optics Trade
Luke Fowell
Extra great functionality is always handy — for Special Promotions extension
Although Magento provides a lot of great functionality “out of the box” in regards to promotions, Amasty have added a whole host of extra great functionality with their “Special Promotions”, now we can make promotions and offers which were previously impossible to implement.
Luke Fowell
Magento & PHP Developer, WeClickMedia
Branko Ajzele
Professionally written module, which delivers claimed functionality — for Improved Sorting extension
Extension code looks pretty professionally written, and it delivers the functionality it promotes. Affordable price, clear and concise installation guide and it just works, no issues after installation If your project requires this exact functionality, then Improved Sorting extension by Amasty is definitely worth the money.
Branko Ajzele
CTO, Inchoo
Toni Anicic
Wide options provide you with unlimited powers in setting the module up — for SEO Layered Navigation extension
This extension is part of larger set of Amasty’s Improved Layered Navigation extensions. There are many configuration options and it is easy to set-up. It gives you unlimited powers for manually setting page titles, meta tags, and even headings and content (CMS blocks) for each combination of navigation’s attributes individually.
Toni Anicic
eCommerce Consultant, Inchoo
Dusan Lukic
Shows most viewed products — for Customers Also Viewed extension
An extension that manages to achieve showing products that are most viewed. At the moment there is no sign of some sophisticated mechanism that would show only relevant products to customer, I would advise Amasty to develop one. Still, I would recommend Customers also viewed.
Dusan Lukic
Magento Developer, Westum
Vladimir Ilyenko
Amasty’s support service is one of the best at the market
At the beginning of March I bought a module by Amasty Team. After two weeks of tests we found out that the module should be slightly modified to meet our needs. On March, 24 I sent a request with the problem description to Amasty support department. 3 days later I was informed that the necessary functionality had been added! I was really impressed and I do highly appreciate quality services by Amasty company.
Vladimir Ilyenko
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