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Special Promotions Pro

Special Promotions Pro with smart discount conditions and 20+ promo types will help you to sell more. Use smart rules to organize automatic promotion system.


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Increase repeated purchases with flexible promotions system


Highlight promotions


Increase repeat purchases


Increase loyalty

Strength in numbers

Inventory Costs Reduction


Sales Revenue


Brand Awareness


Native Magento performance


Technology Focus
Sell smarter and grow bigger with trusted tools. We are the first in the world recognized as a Premier Magento Extension Builder. Meet your expectations with our high-end solutions improved according to your business needs by a team of professionals.
Technology Focus


Trusted solutions
Make sure you use only trusted and quality extensions for your store. We are the only product-targeted company on Magento market with public and verified 9+ rating reviews from real customers.
Trusted solutions


You get all in-house activities, such as development and support, with the extensions. Your satisfaction with our service is guaranteed by no conflicts, no overhead, no endless emails. Being in the business for 11 years, we’re your long-term partner for high-volume solutions.


Customer Success
Your success is a metric for our customer care department. Your business challenges are understood by the team of 130+ developers and certified specialists, which provide solutions as soon as possible leaving only pleasant impressions. It was our priority in 2009, and it still is.
Customer Success


New Horizons
You'll find any functionality you need among the widest variety of Magento 1 / Magento 2 products numbering 250+ add-ons. Magento owners' needs are the starting point when developing on-demand extensions. This strategy is confirmed with 100.000+ of our customers that have already benefited from them.
New Horizons
How you can benefit from our products
Our partnership with Amasty has been nothing but fruitful over the last five years. Solutions that Amasty provides help to save time with some of the customizations our clients require and a dedicated support channel helps to quickly resolve any issues.

Viacheslav Kravchuk

CEO & Founder at Atwix,
Board Director at Magento Association

How you can benefit from our products
On average, we integrate up to 10 Amasty modules per project, in some cases more. Implementing these extensions means improving a Magento site in all its aspects. I'd also add that the support service is top-class.

Davide Consonni

CEO & Owner at Advanced Logic

How you can benefit from our products
We've been working with Amasty for 5 years already, and their partnership support is the most helpful we've ever met on the market! Not only they provide a solid code but also understand how customizations and business work together, which helps us meet our clients' needs.

Artem Pugachev

General Manager at Mobecls


V. Kravchuk

CEO & Founder at Atwix,
Board Director at Magento Association

D. Consonni

CEO & Owner at Advanced Logic

A. Pugachev

General Manager at Mobecls


Any solutions you need to grow your business with Magento

Catch immediate sales by providing users with accurately filtered products. Fine-tune your navigation to fit SEO and get more conversions.
Calculate all possible shipping options for higher delivery personalization. Convert users into customers for sure.
Make your Magento fast in pages loading speed and directing users through an optimized checkout process.
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Designed to meet business challenges, robust enough for Magento Dev standards

For Agency
For Business Owners

What Is Amasty Partner Program?

If you:

  • Frequently purchase Amasty extensions
  • Refer your customers to Amasty
  • Or you’re looking for personalized services for you and your customers

Amasty Partner Program is tailored for you!

  • Progressive discounts
  • Personal Account Manager
  • High priority customer care
  • Flexible support options
  • Various marketing benefits and more


High Priority Support and Account Management
As a Partner, you will receive extra support from Amasty Customer Care team. Our High Priority Support service allows you to receive assistance faster, more efficiently, and across several channels:

- Web system via support tickets
- Email
- Messenger


Progressive Discounts and Custom Offers
As an Amasty Partner, you will enjoy progressive discounts and custom offers throughout the term of the partnership.

What's more?

You can share the discount with your clients to give your offer an extra competitive advantage or choose to receive it as a commission payout back to your account!


Full Access to Amasty Extensions for Joint and Early Testing
Do you need to test extensions before purchasing them? Are you looking for early access to new modules? Or would you like to showcase an extension to your client to facilitate the sale?

Being a Partner, you will have full access to all Amasty extensions for testing purposes for free.


Joint Blogging, Marketing, and SEO Activities
Our priority is to help our Partners grow their businesses. We are always willing to give our Partners more visibility and outreach - be it through guest blogging, social media, or custom co-marketing activities.

Join the Amasty Partner Program today and enjoy these and many other advantages!

Partner program


Magento Code Quality Checker Passed
Make sure you use quality code. All our extensions are checked and run according to Magento EQP Coding Standard.

It is an automatic code check against common PHP and Magento issues - raw SQL queries, PHP superglobals and code style issues.


Magento 2 Cloud Edition
Get your store perform smoothly using extensions compatible with Magento 2 Cloud.

Code, test and deploy across advanced integration, staging, production environments.


Security Patches Installation
Keep your sensitive business data safe with our comprehensive security patches service.

From the latest Magento security updates to customer protection solutions and critical patches, our Magento certified developers can conduct the process with an individual approach. See the details


Composer Installation
Manage all your Magento modules from A to Z with one tool: install and timely determine upgrades, patches and hotfixes.

Save your time for greater challenges - leave Composer installation to us.


Magento Migration Service
Facing business growth you can’t but resort to the necessary measure - moving your Magento to another server with more powerful hosting solutions.

Our experienced team is always ready to lend a hand on doing it fast and painless. See the details


Free Lifetime Updates
No matter what extension you choose, absolutely any goes with free lifetime updates providing you with the utmost features.

In addition, you get 90-day free support and a 60-day money-back guarantee to try all the options out and make sure you've got everything you needed from that tool.
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