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Birthday Coupon for Magento 1


Surprise your customers with nice coupon-presents using Birthday Coupon Magento extension. Let them feel your care and appreciation!

  1. Automatically send birthday coupons
  2. Indicate coupon sending time
  3. Specify discount amount and type
  4. Choose the number of coupon uses
  5. Specify coupon expiry period
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Our new module Special Occasion Coupons contains all the functionality of the Birhday Coupon extension. So you get new features and improvements for the same price.

Become closer to customers

Be grateful to your customers

Customers are the base of any business. The first thing you have to think about is that they are people, they also enjoy little surprises and care, just like you:) So why not give them a little discount to make them happy, especially on birthday?

Indicate coupon sending time

It is possible to send coupons before, after or on birth date.

Automatically send birthday coupons

The extension gives you an ability of auto sending discount notifications to customers on their birthdays. The process is fully automated, so the probability of error is excluded.

Give customers one more reason to come back

Today almost all business fields are highly competitive. Customers return if stores are user-friendly and careful. Make sure that customers feel your care.

Insert coupons in the customer registration email

Now there is no need to send separate emails with discount coupons to newly-registered customers. This tool allows you easily attach coupons to the customer registration emails without sending them individually, thus significantly enhancing clients’ satisfaction. To attach the coupon simply insert: {{var customer.getCoupon()}} to the Registration Subscription template.

Give discounts based on your possibilities

Specify discount amount and type

There are 3 types of discounts: percent, fixed per product or fixed per cart. You can select discount type and then indicate discount amount in numbers.

Choose how many times the coupons may be used

Specify particular number of coupon uses, for example 3 times. Award your customers with as many coupon uses as you decide.

Specify coupon expiry period

Invoke a sense of urgency and add a feeling of special offer to customers to have no doubt that they'll make a purchase.

Send coupons after or on the day of registration

You can greatly increase customers' loyalty by giving them a nice surprise for almost nothing. It is possible to send a coupon N days after customer registration or on the day of registration and amaze them with your hospitality.

Target groups for all coupon types

This option helps you easily target sending of coupons. Now you can select one or several groups of customers at once to send a certain coupon type to.

Email template

Choose email template for the coupon notifications.

Maintenance and security features

Cheating protection

The extension checks that the birthday coupon is sent only once per year, so customers will not be able to get discounts by just modifying the birth date.

Automatic deletion of the old coupons

Why keep unnecessary stuff? The extension will 'take out the garbage' for you and delete old coupons.

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Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Great from all angles
This is a good extension for creating good attitude about the store. Customers like receiving coupons on days special to them. This extension lets send codes not only on birthdays but also on other anniversaries, that’s helpful. However, it would be even better to have an opportunity to add special fields to registration with this extension and use the data from these fields for coupons.
We've started getting more positive customers reviews
This extension is a real bargain for our e-store. We've been looking for a bunch of promo tools for our businesses and chose Birthday coupons as one of them. I should say that it's really worth the money we paid for it!
Good functionality for a good price
Actually, this is the first extension I haven't had any issues with. It's worth the price I paid for it. Thanks, Amasty!

Easy way to please your customers
I've been using the module for 2 months already, it works perfectly, all my customers are happy to get coupons for their bdays.


Magento Connect
Good promo for your store
You have Birth Day? We've got a present for you! Guys, I've recently installed this tool and I'm fully satisfied with it. My customers were pleasantly surprised with Birthday coupons and wrote some positive reviews about my store! I'm already going to install some more of your promo modules.

Magento Connect
Remind customers about your store
The module helps to remind customers about your store and raise your sales rate just in few steps.

Magento Connect
Happy customers - good conversions
this few click extension makes good job, no issues with it - only pleased customers and rising conversions!

Shay Ohaion
Shay Ohaion
Good promo opportunities
Your perfectly-created module is a simple solution for numerous problems. It almost does all the work for me :)

One More Great Marketing Tool!
You know, everything that is simple is great. I'm just a store owner, but not a marketing manager, but due to this extension I've found out one more effective way to praise my customers. This extension works perfect, no bugs found.

Magento Connect,
Return back our customers
The extension helped us return a part of our customers. They we please to receive a coupons on birthday. It is very comfortable that extension all do automatically.

Magento connect
A part of site promotion campaign
With the extension we spread lots o birthday coupons to our customers with different specials. We use the extension as a part of our marketing campaign.

Magento Connect
Great support!
Very good extension. I had a very small problem and the team helped me very quickly. Now all is working perfectly

Magento Connect
Great job!
The module works just as described. And this is perfect! Great job, Amasty!

Web Consultant
Amasty support system
Works perfectly
Great extension, which works perfectly. Even when I had a selfmade problem, Alex did help me out quickly in no time.
If you want the additional sales this is great technique and this extension will help to make it technically possible with ease.

Magento Connect

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Version 2.1.3 - November 05, 2018
– Fix: security fixes
Version 2.1.2 - December 07, 2016
– Minor code improvements
Version 2.1.1 - August 26, 2016
– Various minor bugfixes
Version 1.0.4 - August 01, 2011
– Ability to send birthday coupons before birth date.
– Ability to send registration coupons on the day of registration.
– Automatic deletion of the old coupons (optional).
– Possibility to specify the number of coupon uses.
Version 1.0.3 - December 28, 2010
– An option to send a coupon N days after customer registration to increase loyalty and incentivize customers to place more orders (can be disabled).
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