Online stores have literally conquered the world. Everybody simply loves online shopping since it is convenient, fast, and goods in online stores are usually cheaper than in regular ones. Thus, it is not a surprise that most entrepreneurs have already launched online stores for their businesses in order to get more customers and consequently more profits.

Certainly, in order to have a professional online store, you have to use a nice Magento theme. However, is it enough? And what else do you need for making a fully functional, beautifully-designed, professional online store? Well, there are several really cool things that will definitely make your Magento store the one and only and I am going to tell you about them now.

So basically I came up with some graphic design resources for improving a Magento online store that I am willing to share with you. Well, in order to save your precious time let us dive right into those tips.


Icons are those small cute things that make your online store look professional and fancy. You may think that icons are just a little and unimportant detail, however, don’t those little things make an ordinary online store an outstanding one? Lovely professional icons really have this ultimate power to make your store truly gorgeous, so let’s have a look at some of the fancy icons I found for you.

In some extensions, such as Improved Layered Navigation, Advanced Search, Product Manager Toolkit, etc; adorable icons are already built-in.

#1. UI-Basics Icon Set Template

This is a set of simple yet lovely and useful icons in SVG format. There are 50 different icons for literally all occasions in the set, so you will definitely find something for your own Magento store.

UI Set of icons for your Magento 2

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#2. Flaticon icons

Flaticon is a platform where you can find various icon sets for any taste. The sets come in SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats, so finding the one that will fit your store won’t be a problem at all.

Flaticon icons for Magento

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#3. 50 Food & Drinks Icons Set Template

This very icon set will be simply perfect for a food store. There are 50 items in the set which are fully-compatible with Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, that being said, this set will no doubt make your food store fancy.

Food icons for Magento

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Cool fonts is another great tool that will make your Magento store simply stunning. I think that there is no point to explain why and how fancy fonts will make your online store lovely, so let me share with you some really awesome fonts I was lucky enough to find.

If you want to choose the best font for your shop, then try to make A/B Testing. So you will be sure about your decision.

#4. Mega Fonts Bundle

This is a bundle of 35 great fonts for making any kind of website fancy and your Magento store is not an exception. The bundle includes such striking fonts as Sobbers, Rissa, Atora, and many more.

Mega fonts bundle for Magento

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#5. DaFont

It is a platform where you can find literally all the fonts that exist, and what is more important, for free. So why not try it?

Dafont fonts for Magento

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#6. Bakersville – Font

This is another cool package of 2 hand-drawn fonts by TypeFaith that will definitely help you to create a unique Magento store.

Baskerville fonts for Magento

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Web & Animated Banners

Professionally-designed banners are a must for any modern website. That being said, that you just cannot give up having one on your Magento store. So here are some cool banners I found on the internet for you.

Highlight promotions and special offers with preconfigured banners that go with our  Special Promotions Pro, Free Gift, Free Shipping Bar or use a complete kit of templates for all occasions – Promo Banners. Let your special offers be more visible!

#7. 30 PSD Web Banners (AdWords) Bundle

Basically, this is 3 sets of different banners for all occasions. The banners meet all the requirements from Google and can be used for advertisements as well.

PSD banners for Magento

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#8. Bannersnack

Bannersnack is a huge platform with thousands of free banners, so you will definitely find something for your store.

Bannersnack for Magento

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#9. Premium 420 Animated Html5 Banners Bundle

This is a set of 420 HTML banners including more than 60 premium ones. This very set will be simply perfect for the developers who have lots of orders.

Premium 420 banners for Magento

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Social Media Banners

Social media is a powerful tool for advertising your online store, so I guess you know how important it is to have some nicely-designed social media templates on your online store. Well, here are some really fancy and at the same time useful social media banners for you.

Also, you can integrate your social networks on your website via Comments, Feed, and Reviews. And Social Login allows your customers to log in via social networks.

#10. Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Social Media

This grid template is aimed to make social media integration on your Magento store flawless and smooth. So share your cool Instagram posts on your website with this very tool.

Instagram for Magento

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#11. Palette Social Media Kit Social Media

This is another social media kit that will make the integration of your social media posts on your website easy and smooth. This kit also contains 20 various square layouts, so it will definitely perfectly fit your online store.

Palette social for Magento

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#12. Brand Social Media Kit Social Media

Last but not least, Brand Social Media Kit. This very kit will help you to create a perfect look for your online store in social networks, so do not hesitate and get it.

Brand social kit for Magento

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As you can see, making a decent Magento store is actually a big deal. Besides, you need lots of fancy tools in order to make your online store fully functional and simply magnificent. Luckily, today getting some cool tools for your online store is not a problem at all. Moreover, there is a huge selection of various tools both free and premium ones that have this ultimate power to bring your online store to the next level. So try out some of these great tools and make your Magento online store outstanding and truly unique.