1604lab joined Amasty Partner Program [INTERVIEW]

Amasty Team is glad its Partnership Program keeps flourishing and attracting more and more Partners from all over the world. With this article we welcome 1604lab company, which decided to join the program in July and now is ready to share its experience and ideas about Amasty Partner Program in our exclusive interview.

What does your company specialize in?

1604lab is full web agency specialized in web design and  eCommerce solution company specialized in creating online stores with Magento for small, medium and big company.   Our team members are also Magento Certified developers and this to ensure our customers our professionality and quality of the work. We also design and develop custom Magento themes and we are going to organize soon Magento Training lessons here in Rome, in the hearth of  Italy.

Why did you decide to join Amasty Partner Program?

We decided to establish this collaboration because Amasty is a leading provider of products and specific support for Magento. We used a lot of time the extensions created by Amasty for a lot of our customer and we can say that the are well documented and created with professionalism. We decided to become their partners in order to provide to our customers the most complete ecommerce solutions thanks to the extensions and the support offered by the Amasty Team.

What is your favorite Benefit in Amasty Partner Program?

Surely access to all of the extensions is a great advantage because it allows us to have effective tools to create cutting-edge e-commerce sites. Even the possibility of exploiting the priority support is certainly advantageous because it warrants that you have a solution to any problem may arise in the field of e-commerce.

What are your expectations from Amasty Partner Program?

We believe that this partnership will bring us new experiences and new possibilities to achieve the best and increasingly successful e-commerce, which reflective and satisfy more and more our customers.

Would you recommend to join Amasty Partner Program?

We think that Amasty is a very important resource for the Magento community and be able to become a partner of this really means ecommerce products provide more valid. So yes, 1604lab recommended Amasty Partner Program.


If you want to get all the advantages of Amasty Partner Program, feel free to drop a few lines to our CEO and Partner Program Manager Val Grikian.