As Magento is getting closer to its 10th anniversary, more and more enthusiasts are getting involved in its community. Developers and merchants from across the globe want to share their experience and lend an ear to the trailblazers of the e-commerce.

What’s new in the community? What is going to be trendy in e-business? We often feel being stewed in our own juice. So there should be a moment to share a word with someone who has the same obstacles and challenges.

As for major offline Magento events, there are three main concepts.

  • Live/Imagine, supervised by Magento itself. A set of conferences that usually takes place in the highly-developed economies states: namely France, UK, Australia.
  • Meet Magento. Rapidly developing series of meetups, that gradually expand their geography. Though Meet Magento has its constant supervisor, it is usually organized by local enthusiasts and leaders in Magento development.
  • MageTitans. Set of conferences around the world (with a prime event in Austin, Texas) to gather the most tech savvy Magento devotees and live up a wide Magento developers community.


Magento Unconference
4-5 March 2017
Cologne, Germany

(Standard 110€, Standard+Bed 130€)

Magento Unconference usually presents itself as a sort of conference, but without planned talks or presentation and with much longer and funnier breaks. It is a combination of informal meetings and sessions and, in comparison to the conferences, the Unconference values the conversation between presentations more than their formal part. Thus the in-between discussions turn into the main content of the meetings. For the fourth time, the Unconference is going to prove that parties can also be productive.

Meet Magento Croatia
17-18 March 2017
Osijek, Croatia

(Early Bird 100€, Standard 130€, Last Minute 160€) 

meet magento croatia event

Meet Magento Croatia speakers

Croatia is a newbie among Meet Magento organizers. Meet Magento is often organized by local enthusiasts and developers. That is relevant to Croatia, which is a home place to Inchoo, one of the world leaders in Magento development. Inchoo is proud to have one of the highest numbers of certified specialists: 28 Magento developers and 22 solution specialists. They are going to share their impressive experience and help your business to be up-to-date. Among speakers will be such great Magento specialists as Max Yekaterynenko and Ben Marks.

Imagine 2017
3-5 April
Las Vegas, USA

(from 1000$ to 2000$)

magento conference las vegas

A poster for Imagine 2017 in Las Vegas

The high-class Magento event of the year is going to take place in the City of Lights. Vegas is famous not only for its status of the most popular resort city but also for being a great financial and commercial center. So there will be everything to spend your time with maximum output. Moreover, believe it or not, there will be one of the best living athletes in the world Serena Williams as a keynote speaker with motivation speech. As a bonus – 5k run. To mix up a bit three days of talks on Magento, you are invited for a brief jogging.

Meet Magento Germany
22-23 May, 2017
Leipzig, Germany

(from 70€ to 225€)

magento events leipzig

Meet Magento Leipzig Speakers

German Meet Magento is taking place for the 11th time already. The conference is announced as a leading e-commerce for Magento. Leipzig promises to focus the event on the Magento shop system. With more than 700 visitors, including the key players and decision makers from Magento fields, MM is going to discuss the most important topics on B2C, B2B, ERP, PIM, CRM and etc. More than 35 lectures and 15 workshops to drive your enterprise forward.

Meet Magento Sweden
30 May 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

(from 150$ to 400$)

magento events

Meet Magento Sweden 2017 poster

Nordic Web Team arranges the conference which is going to focus on the Business, e-commerce, and Magento. The conference aim from marketing and commerce perspective is to highlight various topics such as “e-commerce trends, transfer to Magento 2, responsive design, cloud hosting for Magento, usability, an e-commerce startup, product presentation, marketing PPC, conversion optimization, social media for e-commerce, payment in e-commerce”. From a technical perspective, the following will be discussed: frontend development, cloud hosting for Magento, unit testing on Magento, Varnish/Redis, coding standards, JavaScript.

Magento Live London
27-28 June 2017
London, UK

(Early Rate £250.00, Advanced Rate £325.00, Standard Rate £375.00, Last Minute Rate £425.00)

Magento Live is going to take place in the deluxe Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel. The venue is in a walking distance from the five-star attractions like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. As usual, it is going to be a tremendous conference on the questions of e-commerce: it will gather a wide range of experts including merchants, digital agencies, and technology innovators. The event will draw attention to the main cases from Imagine conference in Vegas and analyze the local e-business players.

Mage Titans Italy
9 June 2017
Milan, Italy

(Early Bird Promo 55€, Early Bird 75€, Standard 95€, Last Minute 115€) 

magento events

Jisse Restima will give a speech on Mage Titans Italy 2017

MageTitans is known to be a reliable partner of Magento developer community. For a second time already, it is going to take place in Milan. It is focused on the Magento development process and seek for the talented coders in e-commerce to share their experience and to network with fellow developers. Among the speakers – honored with the title 2017 Magento Master – Jisse Reitsma, who is going to give a talk on a Dependency Injection development technique applied to Magento 2.

Meet Magento Prague
26-27 April 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

(Standard Ticket 150$, Last Minute 250$)

Meet Magento Prague is a primary event in Czech e-commerce that is going to gather around 400 participants from Europe and the US. It is announced to be held in a “sensational 3D format” at the cutting-edge CineStar movie theater in the Cerny Most amusement center. The event is going to have a special emphasis on merchants’ experience. There will be a special merchants-only session to focus on e-commerce solutions, business cases, and marketing strategies. (As a merchant, you will have a 50% discount on a ticket for the Conference).

Meet Magento Utrecht
10 May 2017
Utrecht, Netherlands

(Conference 125€, Conference PLUS 175€, Hackathon 50€) 

magento conference

Meet Magento Utrecht is going to take place in an exceptional DeFabrique venue

MM Utrecht is organized by Dutchento, the well-known guys in the Magento universe, and is going to take place in an exceptional venue – DeFabrique, which is a combination of hi-tech and raw industrial architecture. As Utrecht assures it is a best possible location that you will adore greatly. It is another great possibility to meet most influential people in the community, learn about the latest e-commercial trends and link your business with Magento industry if it is not yet. Are you going to use Magento for your new webshop? Or do you want to upgrade your current platform to Magento? Magento Experts in Utrecht will clear all your complications up. Among speakers, there are top celebrities of Magento as Guido Jansen, Ivan Chepurnyi, and Ben Marks.

Meet Magento Nis
23 June 2017
Nis, Serbia

(Early bird 50€, Standard 75€, VIP 100€)

Meet Magetno Niš is going to take place for the second time. Organized by Younify team based in Nis. For already 10 years Younify (a long-term Amasty partner) has been producing successful e-commerce solutions and decided to live up a local e-commerce scene, hosting Meet Magento. As for agenda, coordinators assure that it is not only for Magento experts but for the broad specter of enthusiasts who want to learn more in e-commerce and join a networking with influential actors in the industry.

Meet Magento World
11-13 July 2017

The idea to have an online conference was evident as far as a number of countries on the Magento map is constantly growing and more enthusiasts are being engaged in the industry. Guido Jansen was among those who decided it would be suitable to gather everybody via the Internet, furthermore, all the participants are tech savvy. On the one hand, the aim was to spread the amazing content that usually produced on the local meetups and to combine best speakers from all over the world. On the other, to make this content available to anyone, who wants to join the community. As a visitor, you can watch the main screen with all the sessions and presentations and you can also visit the sponsor area, where they have their pre-recorded videos and ads. Even the warmth of people’s conversation, so-called hallway tracks, will be presented as the thematic chats, so everybody could discuss their particular issues.

If you host a Magento related event and it’s not on the list, don’t forget to drop us a line so we complete it with your suggestion!