Being an online merchant you don’t usually have the opportunity to talk to your clients directly. Thus, support tickets, online chat, site reviews, forums and phone orders are the only ways of gathering customer feedback. Unfortunately, they don’t always adequately show the real picture of the customer satisfaction and require too much effort to systematize the received data.

5 Simple Questions to Make Your Customers SpeakIt’s not an easy thing to make the client leave a detailed review once he or she comes to your online shop, as it takes too much time. People are likely to skip these blocks and ignore long survey forms. Even when retailers offer tempting deals and discounts to make users fill in a survey form or write a review, this doesn’t bring the expected results. As their reviews will be written before they receive the orders. It means you won’t get any data that would enable you to enhance the store productivity.

So, the only way out is to be more persistent while gathering priceless info about your customers’ experience after they get their products. That’s why it’s very important to choose the right moment for setting surveys. Marketing specialists suggest conducting the research not later than 5 days after the order is delivered.

5 Simple Questions to Make Your Customers SpeakCarefully think over the survey questions before sending them in a newsletter to your customers. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think what questions you’d like to be asked as a common buyer.

In this article we offer some effective questions to ask your customers about their shopping experience. You can also use any additional tools to customize your surveys.

Gather priceless post-purchase feedback

Why have you chosen our store?Find out which factors motivated costumers to purchase in your store. Offer about 10 variants to choose. The variables for a checkbox can be the following:
• price
• friend’s recommendation
• high position in search results
• favorable reviews etc.
In other words, place here all important factors that affect your conversion rate and can be improved.
How did you find us?This question is usually asked to find out the referral source leading to your online store. Here you can also choose whether to use an open question or offer your variables.
Did our products meet your expectations?Offer your customers to rate the products from 1 to 10 or ask for some additional info about the quality as well as about other important aspects according to your shop specifics.
Tell about your shopping experience in our store.This question seems to be one of the most important as it allows to get the info about all the aspects of shopping process from visiting your store page to receiving the order. Use as many variables or short questions as you can. Try to cover the following issues:
• If it’s easy to look for the products
• If customers are satisfied with the store navigation
• Do products look the same as on the site pictures?
• Whether the order is delivered according to schedule etc.
What is the most appropriate way for you to contact us?Do your best to be closer to your clients. Find out the most popular channels to deliver your information, making the dialog between you and your consumer much more productive.

You can modify the list of questions according to your needs, adding or eliminating certain groups of questions. Dividing them into smaller parts, you can even start A/B testing to figure out what questions work better for different groups of customers.

If you have the experience of successful consumers’ polling, or you want to share your own tips of gathering feedback, feel free to share them in the comments.