5 tips to use social login like a champ

Companies that do not use social login for their Magento stores can be compared to 5th graders, who suddenly found themselves at a prom party. All adults, like Pinterest or Klout, are already using it enhancing their customers’ experience, and you don’t even have a clue what is so enjoyable in it? Don’t opt out from this handy tool and read our easy tips on how to use Magento social login like a champ. You can even combine social login with a nice blog and reap the benefits!

Social media are a fifth estate of the modern world. They are loved, respected and highly listened to. Promotion through social networks is a common thing, but the use of social login helps you to steal even more love from your customers.

Amasty has recently issued a new Magento Social Login extension, which makes social login easy and beautifully organized. But if you want to get utmost from it, make sure you follow the best practices of the social login use.

Tip 1. Use all info you get

It would be a sin not to use all the opportunities social login offers you. This option not only gives you a chance to fill in the name or city in the profile of your customer, but also to personalize the account with the photo or to auto-fill the e-mail provided. Believe us the customers will love your store even more for saving them from filling in tons of various forms.

Tip 2. Offer a wide choice of social networks

Don’t limit the choice to Facebook or Twitter only and adjust your Magento social login extension to provide at least four social networks for login. Diversity drives more trust and, according to Facebook report, increases registration at least by 15%. Since social networks are constantly playing leapfrog in the popularity lists, wider variety of options lets you be ready for any affection choice made by customers.

Tip 3. Exploit data mining

With the personalized experience being a huge trend of the upcoming years, data mining of the information received through the social login is a must for those who want to occupy the top of the eCommerce Olympus. The more you know about your customer the better you can merge his online and offline experience by offering the vary things he needs. Take into account gender, age, location and plenty of other important profile information to adjust your Magento store suggestions to your customer’s needs and hopes.

Tip 4. Remove registration barrier

Switching from classic registration to social login makes the registration process transparent. The statistics by Blue Research shows that more than half (54%) of users might leave your Magento store and never come back if asked to provide too much data. Comfort those who hate filling in the forms and they will definitely pay you back for saving their time by buying more from your store.

Tip 5. Facilitate sharing

The report by Blue Research also highlights that the websites with social login installed tend to have 78% of users share the information about the products or service in their social networks. Besides, users who have logged in through social networks tend to leave more reviews, so don’t forget to provide the customers of your Magento store with an option of social comments. Want to try this feature in action? Download our Facebook Reviews Magento extension for FREE by clicking the banner below.

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