50 extensions for Magento 2

Great news! We’ve reached a milestone in our Magento 2 journey. Right from the moment we had put our hands on the first public version of Magento 2, we started building Magento 2 extensions.

Andrew Vashkevich

Our main goal was to get prepared for M1 to M2 migration; we wanted to provide merchants with ready-made tools when they would be comfortable to switch their stores to the new platform.

Andrei Vashkevich,

Amasty Chief Technology Officer

At the same time, quantity is not always quality, so we took our time to figure out the modules our customers needed the most and to design the world-class tools.

This part of the journey wasn’t that easy: we had to learn a lot about Magento 2, to expand our team so we could be capable of designing and updating the extensions, as well as supporting the rising number of Amasty customers. And here we are – with 50 M2 tools for your e-commerce business.

 These extensions cover major aspects of store operation and can even contribute to building customer loyalty (e.g. Magento 2 gifts or coupon extension).

So here’s a small celebration note, and we don’t stop there – more M2 extensions will appear soon.

Sending lots of thanks and love to our customers and partners!