This year our mailing club got 16.000+ subscribers. If you haven’t got to it yet, we’ll show you 3 reasons why our clients join Amasty’s newsletter and what you’ll get to your inbox if signed up to it right now.

Reason #1. New releases

You’ll receive this email in a day after we rolled out a new product. Example:

M2 Banner Slider

banner slider

I hasten to share the joy — we’ve rolled out M2 Banner Slider. Using it, you can place as many banners as you want on any page you need. No programming skills are required.

show all banners

No need to choose which offer to hide — show them all

Imagine that during the holiday shopping season you run several promotions at a time. You want to tell users about them on the store main page as most users visit it. The problem is that you don’t have enough space for all banners. So, you choose the one to show on the main page and display the rest on other pages.

The mod offers to create a slider out of several banners. It takes as much space as a single banner and you can display it on any page of the store. This way, you’ll make users aware of all your special offers no matter how many of them you have.


Animation pulls your audience in

People usually ignore static banners because of the so-called ad blindness. That’s why the extension makes sliders animated: they switch with effects and show additional information on hover.

It’s also useful to set automatic banners switching. Even if users decide not to click on the slider, they will still notice the animation and stop to see the offers.

Different sliders for different customer groups

For example, you can show banners with discounts for bulk orders to wholesalers, while general customers won’t see them. This way, users will see personalized offers only.

Reason #2. E-commerce tips

As in our blog posts, we share our experience and give tips that can be useful for online stores in emails too and send them weekly. Example: 

Mods to increase sales in a clothing store

We collected 5 extensions that our customers acquire mostly for fashion & apparel stores. Point is, these mods bring offline convenience to online shopping: users find clothes quickly, determine the right size, choose the cloth and color zooming images, and proceed to the checkout.


Improved Layered Navigation

helps customers find desired clothes. It adds filters to the catalog pages. Customers apply them to narrow down the search and pick among the clothes that meet their requirements.

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elastic search

Elastic Search

speaks customers’ language. Users will only need to enter the first letter of the request to find the desired product. If a user makes a mistake or searches for a synonym, it will understand what is meant and show the right options.

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color swatches

Color Swatches

allows customers to choose a color and see what clothes look like on the same page. If the chosen color is out-of-stock, it won’t appear in the list. This way, you won’t confuse customers.

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size chart

Size Chart

helps customers choose the size of the clothes. It’s important to choose it right: if the size doesn’t fit, a user will have to return clothes. To do this, the mod adds size charts to product pages.

In the size chart, there are all the needed sizes with measurements. No need to leave the page and search for sizes on the Internet.

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visual merchendaiser

Visual Merchandiser

places goods in the catalog by clothes names and order numbers. It is enough to drag and drop items to the right place on the front end. This way you’ll quickly put a new product at the beginning of the catalog, and move out-of-stock goods to the end.

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Essential mods to start building a store on Magento 2

In this email, we collected 5 extensions that our customers acquire mostly for new stores. Point is, these mods deal with core issues of new online stores:

– let customers quickly find products at your store,

– make more people complete the checkout,

– motivate people to buy and spend more,

– place your store higher in Google SERP.


Improved Layered Navigation

helps customers find desired goods in the big catalog of products. It adds filters to store product pages based on any product attributes: price, colors, brands, sizes, etc. Customers apply filters to narrow the search down.

For example, a customer needs a red 45 inches suitcase between $50 and $150. The customer filters the catalog by price, color, and size and chooses among those suitcases that match the conditions.

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one step checkout

One Step Checkout

complies numerous checkout pages into one. It’s easier for customers to fill in one checkout page, therefore more of them reach the final step of the checkout and buy at your store.

It’s important, as 26% of buyers abandon the cart during checkout because of a too long/complicated process.

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promotions pro

Special Promotions Pro

offers 7 ready-made types of promotions. This way, you can set a new promotion once a week. Users will participate in promo campaigns and visit your store to check what’s new.

It is also convenient to check different types of promotions with different products and see what combinations work.

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SEO Toolkit

helps your store stand out in Google SERP. To make this the extension facilitates SEO activities: creates meta tags, adds rich snippets, redirects broken links to the right ones, automates cross-linking and configures unique product URLs. This way users will open your store first, not the competitors’ ones.

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shopping cart

AJAX Shopping Cart

helps not to lose customers because of slow store loading. The core is AJAX technology which helps to add products to cart with no reloads. This way the store will save the revenue.

Without the extension

When customers add products to the default Magento cart, the page reloads. If the Internet connection is slow, it’s almost unbearable to wait until each reload ends. Some customers lose their temper and close the store tab.

 With the extension

When customers add products to cart, a special popup opens where customers configure attributes. No reloads, everything works smoothly.


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Get these 5 extensions in one pack and save 22% of the price → 

Extensions to deal with lots of orders and lose none

These 3 extensions help admins not get confused in the huge order grid, deal with orders faster and provide better service.

order grid

Extended Order Grid M2

The extension helps to make the order grid clear so that admins don’t get confused and handle the orders faster.

The extension helps to exclude useless information from the grid

For example, admins can hide completed orders from the grid. Completed orders just lie in the grid and don’t need actions. There will be fewer orders in the grid, and the admins will navigate through it easier.

The extension helps to add important details to the grid

In the grid, admins display attributes of the order that they need to make decisions. Each order attribute becomes a separate column. Columns with no useful info can be hidden so that they don’t take up space.

The grid will become easier to understand and admins won’t have to open each order to find the needed information.

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order attribute

Order Attributes M2

The extension helps admins learn information about orders to make customers delighted. It attaches forms needed to complete orders right to the checkout page.

For example, a customer makes an order at the store. The store can deliver it the same day if they know the convenient delivery time. An admin calls the customer to learn it but the customer doesn’t answer.

As a result, the store delivers the order the next day and the customer is upset because the delivery took too long.

With the extension, admins won’t have to call customers. Customers will just pick the delivery time in the form at the checkout and the good will be delivered on time.

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custom order number

Custom Order Number M2

The module helps to make the order number informative: include the date of creation or country from which goods were ordered. Admins will understand what’s inside the order at a first glance and won’t have to enter each of them.

It also helps not to mix up invoices, shipping and credit memo documents of the orders. The mod will give each document the same number as the order, but with a prefix.

For example, invoice to the order 5-2020-03-10-GER will be INV-5-2020-03-10-GER.

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Want to build a mobile app? Hire our developers

We create mobile add-ons for Magento and independent software for Android and iOS platforms. Any of your seemingly most unattainable ideas can be implemented by our specialists, both backend and frontend parts.

mobile development for admins

Mobile app for Magento admin users

This app will give your admin users a chance to monitor your store on the go. Explore reports, get notifications about new orders or problems, manage orders, stock, and shipping.

We have no strict rules on collecting requirements for an app development. You can contact us with either a rough idea or a project WBS. The more detailed you outline a concept, the more detailed we can estimate an offer to you.

Talk to our expert→ 

mobile development for customers

Mobile app for your Magento shoppers

We can build an app to present your store catalog for IOS and Android users. 78% of customers today prefer shopping via mobile. Let wholesalers and general users purchase goods, check the statuses of their orders, or get refunds from mobile.

Moreover, you’ll be able to promote the application in the App Store & Google Play.

Talk to our expert → 

Free pre-sale consultation

Our specialists will investigate your current server and analyze how it matches your business needs. As a result, we’ll send you a detailed report with a list of recommended software, hosting providers, server capacity, and an extended work-plan.

Dedicated Project Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager for custom Magento web development. The specialist leads your project from start to finish gathering project requirements, creating tasks, managing developers, taking responsibility for project delivery, dealing with the financial part, scheduling meetings in accessible formats, informing you about the project status and performing after-release support.

2 months of warranty

We give you a 2-month guarantee for the work performed. And even when the period expires, we’ll stay in touch.

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Reason #3. Extension guides and updates

We guide our subscribers to correct usage of our extensions’ settings monthly. Example:

Extension that helps admins spend time on important tasks

We fully reinvented RMA for M2 — this extension makes the returning process easy for customers and for admins. When using it, admins don’t lose customers’ requests, research return reasons faster and have spare time for useful things.

Today we will show you how the extension makes it possible.

rma guide

Customers fill in a form with important info

No need to call or email to start the returning process

To start the returning process customers fill in a short form. It takes 10 seconds.

Admins use the form to understand why they want to return goods, what is the condition of the items and whether customers would consider the exchange. They don’t need to contact customers to learn important info.

Other cool features →

rma guide 2

The extension keeps all the requests in a grid

Admins don’t lose return requests

When the store is huge, the number of returns gets bigger. It’s difficult for admins to manage them.

With the extension, admins won’t lose requests from customers, as they get the info in a special grid. No need to keep anything in mind. In the grid, admins track statuses of every return and access them in one click.

Other cool features →

rma guide 3

Admins see notifications about new requests and updates

Admins check the grid only when changes occur

The extension shows a notification when a new return request comes or when changes in an existing request occur. So, admins don’t check the grid every hour to control requests.

Other cool features →

rma guide 4

Requests that admins don’t need to control are sent to another grid

Admins work only with requests that need their actions

The extension automatically moves requests that require customers’ actions to a separate grid. So, admins see only the requests they need to work with. The lower the number of the requests is — the easier admins manage them.

Other cool features →

rma guide 5

Admins chat with customers right in the admin panel

Admins save time on communication with customers

There’s a chat inside each request. Admins don’t spend time on writing emails to customers or calling them, they chat instead. No need to leave the admin panel.

To respond faster in common situations, admins set quick replies.

For example, admins know that customers rarely send photos of the good they want to return. So, they set the reply:

“Please provide us with additional details and attach photos if possible so that we could approve your request.”

Now they ask to send photos in one click and don’t create custom messages every time.

Other cool features →

Next time we’ll show you how RMA for M2 leaves a pleasant impression on customers and makes them come back to the store.

Pick RMA pack that meets your needs

We’ve updated our RMA extension to help you automatically manage returns, make data-driven decisions, and quickly ship goods back to the store.

Here are 3 RMA packs:

RMALite — $219

automates products return management and makes this process easy for admins. Using it, managers don’t lose customers’ requests, explore return cases faster, and free up time for more important tasks.

Learn more

RMA Pro — $349

updates statuses for return cases automatically based on multiple conditions, auto-assigns requests to particular managers, and provides full statistics on the return management. RMA Lite features are included.

Learn more

RMA Premium — $399

generates automatic labels for UPS, FedEx, and DHL carriers and chooses suitable package types and dimensions. Lite and Pro packs’ features are included.

Learn more

Choose the pack that fits you most.


Pick a B2B pack that meets your needs

We’ve updated our B2B E-commerce Suite to help you deal with the most challenging tasks in B2B, develop long-term relationships with business partners, and even build a business from scratch.

Here are 3 B2B packs:

B2B Essentials— $699

empowers your store with the most essential features to make it ready for working in the B2B segment.

Learn more

B2B Pro — $999

scales up your store by converting B2B buyers into long-term business partners. Essentials pack’s features are included.

Learn more

B2B Premium Suite — $1399

accurately segments your audience, upgrades shipping, and payment management with advanced restriction options. Essentials and Pro packs’ features are included.

Learn more

Compare B2B E-commerce packs and choose the one that fits you most.


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