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Starting an e-commerce business, you are likely to think first about products, shipping, and website design. An FAQ page is often an afterthought that captivates retailers’ attention only when their business grows and customers begin to bombard their call center or support team with questions. However, implemented strategically, the FAQ can bring a lot of value since day one.

Today we’ll answer six questions about using the FAQ section in your webstore so as to make it work for your e-commerce business. 

#1. How can an FAQ enhance your e-commerce store?

Generally, the content of the FAQ includes expert answers to common concerns, questions, and problems that customers may have. Yet, the FAQ section plays an important role in some other spheres as well. For example, it helps you to:

  • Complement a product description with extra information that would have overloaded the main page with content;
  • Reduce the burden on the support team by providing customers with answers on common topics;
  • Gain trust by showing your product and business expertise in the FAQ section;
  • Show customers that you care by answering their questions;
  • Improve SEO and website navigation.

As you can see, using the FAQ page to the full can bring extra benefits to your business in the future. The key is to make the FAQ rich and helpful.

#2. Where is an ideal place for an FAQ?

 The FAQ section is usually located in one of the following places:

  • On a product page. Then customers can use the FAQ section to find additional information about a product that is not included in the product main description. Also, the section addresses the most common concerns of your potential customers and this way helps visitors make a purchase decision.
  • On a dedicated FAQ page. In this case, the FAQ page aggregates all product questions, which you can arrange in some order using categories and topics. Such section of your store can act as the very first contact point for visitors who have questions but prefer to look for answers by themselves as well as for those who can’t reach out to your support team at weekends or on holidays. 

#3. How to raise the amount of content in an FAQ?

The FAQ requires a lot of content for the whole mechanism to bring positive results. There are two crucial things that you can do in this regard:

  • First, you can create some topics that cover all expected questions. There is no guarantee that this activity will resolve the majority of issues, but this is a good starting point.
  • Second, you can provide a special form for customers to ask questions and timely answer them using the FAQ.

That puts us in front of another concern. Running the FAQ section requires a great focus on relevancy. That is why you should consider how well questions reflect the essence of a problem and carefully decide which ones to include in your knowledge base. The decision to raise particular questions should be motivated by the desire to educate your store visitors in the right direction and eventually generate customer demand. Your content should become the path to further engagement with your store and products.

#4. How to deliver answers effectively?

The effectiveness of the FAQ section definitely depends on the answers you give. These 5 pieces of advice can help you succeed in this task:

  • Word answers in a positive way, yet don’t oversweeten the truth as this can cause some shortcomings.
  • Demonstrate a deep knowledge of the topic, but ensure that your answers can’t frighten the audience with excessive information.
  • Keep a balance between customers’ and your business interests. A good question reflects a customer’s concern, while the answer should satisfy your business need as well.
  • Use the FAQ to attain your goals, for example, to reduce the number of support tickets or motivate customers to purchase more.
  • Link the FAQ to other pages using CTAs and this way bring store visitors back to your sales funnel.

#5. How can an FAQ influence SEO?

An invisible, yet important benefit of the FAQ section is its contribution to SEO and ranking of your store in Google. Some knowledge base solutions for stores allow improving search engine ranking by setting FAQ metadata, such as meta titles and descriptions for questions and categories.

Well-written FAQ articles can even help you generate new traffic and redirect visitors to product pages. Even if your target customers are googling for answers to questions related to your industry but not to your particular brand, optimizing FAQ pages for such specific search queries will increase the possibility that potential customers will come across your content and decide to purchase something.  

#6. How to add an FAQ to a Magento 2 store?

Default Magento 2 functionality doesn’t allow adding a full-featured knowledge base. To solve the problem, you can try our FAQ and Product Questions extension for Magento 2.

This module deals with the most painful aspects of implementing the FAQ section. It suits both a product-related and a separate FAQ page and includes a convenient kit for managing questions and categories and making SEO adjustments. The FAQ extension enables you to configure the homepage layout of your knowledge base to make it both attractive and user-friendly. A thought-out structure makes it easy to add a comprehensive knowledge base to a Magento 2 store wasting no time on configuration, and this way allows you to concentrate on the FAQ content instead.

Bottom line

As a treasury of useful content, the FAQ section can bring a lot of value to your Magento 2 store. Easily accessible answers to common questions will clear doubts of potential customers, build trust, and let you reiterate and tell more about the benefits of your products. If set up wisely, the FAQ section can even help you reduce support load by anticipating customers’ questions. As doing it right takes much effort and time, it makes sense to consider some dedicated tool that will handle the technical part and allow you to focus directly on the amount and quality of the FAQ content.

Learn more about the capabilities of Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions and create an FAQ that contributes to your business success.