Amasty at Developers Paradise 2013, Mallorca

It is 17 degrees below zero outside and high time to warm ourselves with nice memories of the sunny events that took place last year. Developers Paradise is one of the professional Magento conferences and in 2013 Amasty was lucky to become its Platinum sponsor. It took place on 16 – 19 of September going in hand with code, fun and sun. If you are already making a plan of what conferences to visit in 2014 have a look at our video.

Amasty Team really enjoyed the time spent at Mallorca Developers Paradise. And to share all our emotions and bring a piece of that creative and joyful atmosphere we made up a video from that event. If you want to know what was the most interesting thing at Mallorca Developers Paradise or what are the best 3 words to describe this conference, go ahead and check our video!

Alex, Victoria and Julia, Amasty representatives at Developer’s paradise, also share their impressions of the event.




Developers Paradise is an amazing opportunity to visit beautiful places and collect gleanings about Magento. Such events represent developers' will to gain knowledge and create unique projects, everyone ran mad after hack-sessions, it was tops. Hope to meet Magento Community again on one of the events 🙂Paradise is worth visiting not only because of experience exchange or Spanish suntan, primarily communicating with Magento community makes the event. The organization was outstanding. It was interesting to dig into history of Magento as a company thanks to the people who have been working there since the first days. I’m not a developer, so it was like a very deep dive into Magento itself. If seriously, communicating with Magento community about trends and news was priceless. So was friendly atmosphere and picturesque Mallorca.

Want to see a detailed report from the conference? Check our post here.