October 8 was a big day for Magento community in Eastern France – the first ever Mage Camp in Alsace and a big day for me, cause I was delivering a speech! The event was organized by Advisa, a Strasbourg web agency, which specializes in e-commerce, e-branding and e-marketing.

venue2The conference took place in the beautiful building of the Chamber of Commerce in the very heart of Strasbourg.

I think it is very symbolic that the first Mage Camp in Alsace happened right next to the place where Johannes Gutenberg was working on the first printing machine in Europe. As Magento does the same to online shops what printing did to books – online stores with Magento become more usable and functional, look a lot better and are faster to build.

In total there were 7 speeches at the event. Maxime Kurkdjian from Oxalide started it with presentation on the best ways to setup servers for Magento stores. Maxime succeeded in explaining complex technical information with simple words and relevant analogies.

Antonio Rossetti from Quadra continued with presenting a solution for close integration of online stores with brick-and-mortar ones.

Benoit Jacquemont from Akeneo spoke about product information management solution, which allows keeping all product data in a centralized way, easily managing it and distributing to all necessary sales channels.

Nicolas Fischer, Netapsys, made presentation on how Magento can be adapted to needs of B2B businesses.

Then came my turn. The topic of my speech was ‘Sales channels and other ways to increase revenue’. It consisted of three major parts: 1. The ways to get customers to your online store; 2. How to optimize your store to increase conversions; 3. Work with existing customers to stimulate them comeback to your store. I’m grateful to the attendees for the attention and great questions.

I passed the microphone to Emmanuel Clerc from Advisa, who delivered a lecture on marketing. He described how people are manipulated by contemporary marketing and shared his thoughts on how it will be done in the future. Looks like marketing people will control the planet 🙂

The official part of the conference was finished by Renan Aulanier, who presented be2bill payment solution.

The unofficial part started with cocktail and report discussions at the venue and continued in a great traditional Alsacian restaurant near the famous Strasbourg Cathedral. … And finished right on time for me to catch the 4 a.m. bus to the airport.

I would like to personally thank Olivier, Yuliya, Anthony, Jérémie, Guillaume and Benjamin from Advisa for organizing this great event in Strasbourg, which is a really great place to be in. I’m also grateful to the event attendees for the participation and feedback. It was a huge pleasure and honor for me to meet you all and take part in Mage Camp Alsace.

Your Sincerely,
Val Grikian,
CEO, Amasty