Amasty became a sponsor of youth intellectual movement event

Amasty has always paid great attention to the events that help one to become a smarter and better person. We sponsored conferences and took part in a number of Magento events. Recently youth intellectual movement caught our eye. A few of Amasty Team members are keen participants of Belarusian intellectual games movement and one out of them, Ruslan Ogorodnik, took this weekend a great part in organizing a youth intellectual event in Baranovichi. Amasty decided to support this initiative and became a sponsor of Baranki Cup 2014.

The Baranki Cup, which took place March, 15-16, is an annual event organized in Baranovichi, Belarus, for school children from all over the Republic. It is the third Cup on intellectual games held in Baranovichi and every next year the event is attracting more and more participants. This year 25 teams from more than 10 cities and villages of Belarus came to compete for the Baranki Cup, which is more than 150 participants. The event included 6 games, which came into the account of the Cup, as well as some more optional ones.

Baranki Cup 2014

To give you a better understanding of what intellectual games are about, we suggest you answering a question from the game called “What? Where? When?”. Try to guess what the answer is and check the correct variant in the end of the article:

The advertisement of American Express cards claims that the lost cards will be returned to you and in case you lose them you will become the owner of a card again. In this advertisement a card has a shape of an ancient weapon. What is this weapon?

All in all there were 48 questions of this kind asked at the Baranki Cup not to say about the plenty of other games. The winner managed to answer correctly to 36 out of 48 question in What? Where? When?, which guaranteed him the first place in the Cup.

Amasty sponsored the prizes for all the winners of the event. We hope the board games they have won will become a nice reminder about Baranki Cup 2014. This event is known for its great creative atmosphere, and though the photos below can’t reflect it to the fullest we invite you to have a look at them anyway.

By the way, the correct answer to the question above is Boomerang, since the American express card as well as the boomerang always returns to its owner. Did you have an alternative version? Share it in the comments!