Amasty Choice:7 Magento Extensions We Can't Live Without

No one knows the products better than producers themselves. And this time we have decided to reveal some of our secrets and show which of Amasty Magento extensions we use ourselves. Yes, this is the article where we talk a lot about ourselves. We are deeply convinced that if “the shoemaker’s family goes barefoot”, it must be a bad shoemaker. But this is definitely not our case. So check the list of Magento extensions we use for our own store to enhance customers’ experience and make the work of admin users as easy as it can be.

Ready to see the hidden side of our store?  Here we go!


AJAX Shopping Cart 


Handy shopping tool enabling customers quickly add products to cart and continue purchase hunting is a great plus to your store usability karma. Why interrupt shopping process and destruct customers’ attention instead of letting them enjoy browsing your website? The module kills two birds with one stone – it provides customers with a great shopping experience and motivates them to add more products to the cart. Of course we couldn’t have missed the chance to implement it in our own store to amaze our visitors with Ajax Shopping cart visual effects and advanced options.



Search Pro


No one wants to waste time when it comes to shopping. And if customers don’t find the products they need in the shortest time possible they are likely to leave the store and never come back. That’s why Magento quick search feature is a “must have” for any online merchant.

We at Amasty know how precious customers’ time is. Therefore, we’ve equipped our website with a handy and precise tool that visibly improves product search process and provides customers with positive shopping experience.

The tool can be easily adjusted to the needs of any online store. It provides vendors with a variety of advanced features like 3 search modes, autocomplete option and many others.



Custom Stock Status 


Being closer to customers means to clearly and timely inform them about all upcoming products and services. Speaking stock statuses double the chances that potential clients will come back and purchase the products they’ve been waiting for. One more great benefit is the opportunity to launch presale campaigns and effectively examine customers’ demand.

Offering software products, Amasty can’t exploit the power of this Magento stock management extension to the full, as our modules just can’t “run out of stock”. But, we actively use the option of presale campaign and thoroughly monitor which upcoming modules and features enjoy greater popularity. Such proactive steps help us significantly improve the products we offer.



Admin Actions Log


Have a large store and a team of admin users to manage it? So do we! We’ve got a pretty big team of admins who have the access to our store backend. In order to keep everything under control, avoid tasks overlapping and malicious login attempts we run the magento access logs for Amasty website. It’s really great to keep all the logs info at hand to immediately fix any problems if they occur.



Extended Product Grid with Editor


We value our own time as high as the time of our customers. And we believe that effective catalog management really pays back. So, flexible product grid, which lets admin users quickly add new products and edit them, seems to be a reasonable upgrade of the admin panel. It helps us easily manage numerous store categories, sort and edit product attributes right on the grid. We can also check out all the changes on the frontend and immediately clear up any inaccuracies.



Extended Order Grid


Having upgraded our product grid we decided to expand the order grid functionality as well to maximally optimize the work of our admin users. Now we need just a couple of seconds to find the necessary order and view its info (coupon codes, SKU, price etc.) without visiting the order view page. This tool enabled us to considerably shorten order processing time and improve customer service performance.



Order Memos and Attachments


Working with big volumes of information we can’t always rely on our memory when it comes to special notes. Sometimes we need to attach hundreds of documents to hundreds of different orders. Thus, to prevent any data loss and instantly find the necessary order info, we use the memos and attachments tool that helps us keep everything at hand.


Of course, there are some more comprehensive extensions that we use to please our customers and improve Amasty store performance. But let us keep them under the hat, at least till the next secret reveling article comes out.