Amasty team is happy to share some exciting news: our extensions are now available at Zoey Marketplace.

At the moment, there are two products available for Zoey users: Out Of Stock Notification and Product Parts Finder.

Zoey is a first Magento SAAS, built upon Magento CE 1.9.  The company provides merchants with an enterprise level e-commerce platform and seamless deployment instead of the more expensive and lengthy custom development process. Zoey is an intuitive e-commerce platform, but it isn’t restricted in features as many subscription solutions are. Being an affordable solution, Zoey works with many third-party extensions built for Magento.

We’re excited about the collaboration and the availability of Amasty extensions for Zoey users. Supporting cheaper yet more fluent technical  e-commerce background for growing and positively influencing e-commerce is the goal of our collaboration with Zoey.

Stay tuned for more news about Zoey and Amasty in the future!

Zoey and Amasty