Amasty Extensions Updates: April 2014

April was a great month for Amasty Magento updates. We have not merely updated every fourth extension we have, but also equipped some of them with great new functionality, which sometimes is equal to issuing a new extension. Take for example Improved Layered Navigation update: now you can arrange brands in alphabetical order for Magento advanced search and enjoy canonical tags optimization. Read on to learn more about other major updates of Amasty Magento extensions.

New version of One Step Checkout Magento extension offers you a new modern visual style as well as responsive design for mobile devices, which lays a good ground for improving your M-commerce. Besides, now it works much faster, which also adds some additional points to your usability.

Special Promotion, Special Promotions Pro and Loyalty Program Magento extensions now can boast of some new features, which will definitely be of much help for experienced merchants. Now you can set a fixed price for a product set as well as provide a discount in case specified products are bought together. With our updates promotion of your bundles has become even easier! Can’t wait to learn about other Amasty Magento updates? Check them in the infographics below!

Amasty Extensions Updates: April 2014

Major updates:

Code refactoring and improved compatibility:

You can find the list of updates made in March 2014 here.