We are happy to announce a preview of our February’s updates.

This month we developed a lot of backend and admin features that we sure you’ll enjoy a lot. Magento 1 users should pay attention to the updates in the Auto Add Promo Items, Improved Layered Navigation and Special Promotions extensions. What concerns Magento 2 plugins – don’t forget to check Color Swatches, where we added a couple of useful settings for customers; One Step Checkup was also enriched with some new backend improvements.

Magento 1

Auto Add Promo Items 2.4.0

  • A new feature was implemented: now you can enable or disable Promo Banners for each rule separately.
  • Now the module ignores spaces when you lists SKUs in the “Promo Items” field. Now you shouldn’t care to leave a space or not after a comma.
  • Now the final (discounted) price is taken into consideration when you filter products on category pages.
  • Now you can see the reminder if the gift is “out of stock”.
  • “Out of stock” or “Disabled” products could be shown on a banner now.
  • A number of fixes and improvements were added.

Special Promotions 1.11.3

  • Now you’ll receive a notification based on SKU in case you create a rule for the product with “Out of stock” status or/and has Qty=0. You can switch on/off this option in the System settings.

  • The notification system was updated. Now the admin won’t be notified on SKUs that have Quantity=0 if Manage Stock = NO.
  • A new value for a discount calculation was added: “Original Price. Apply the Biggest Discount”. This feature stops discounts accumulation from different rules and conditions and applies only the biggest one.
  • A number of fixes and improvements were added.

Improved Layered Navigation 3.0.9

  • Now you can set the number of unfolded options for the category filter by using the ‘Less’/’More’ buttons.
  • Now the module supports the UTF-8 encoding for the URLs. This option is quite useful for using the national symbols.
  • A number of fixes and compatibility improvements were added.

Full Page Cache 1.6.10

  • The automatic cache clearing was made for specific pages affected by catalog price rules or special prices.
  • A number of general improvements were added.

Meta Tags Templates 1.3.12

  • Now when you work with a variable like {category} only the nameы of active categories are used.
  • A minor code syntax improvement was added.

Event Tickets 1.1.2

  • A ‘Ticket Type’ column on the ‘Registered Attendees’ grid was added.
  • Minor fixes and improvements were added.

Edit Lock 1.0.3

  • Products are now being locked (depending on the new setting) when using “Update Attributes” mass actions.

XML Google® Sitemap 1.1.9

  • Compatibility with Blog Pro extension was improved.

Magento 2

Magento 2 One Step Checkout 1.0.2

  • The ability to refresh payment methods & total upon the shipping address change was added.
  • The ability to set an optional Zip Code for specific countries was created.
  • An issue with the payment methods that required redirecting to the payment system was fixed.
  • Сompatibility with Delivery Date for Magento 2 was improved.
  • A number of minor fixes & improvements were added.

Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation 1.14.6

  • The ability to add URL suffix to a brand and filtered ‘all-products’ pages was added.
  • Some minor fixes and backend interface improvements were added.

Magento 2 Color Swatches 1.1.0

  • A new feature was added: now when the customer switches the options like color, size and etc., it’s possible to update not only the product image but also a price and a description. 

Magento 2 Customer Attributes 2.0.0

  • Now it’s possible to create dependent attributes, i.e. to display certain attributes only in case a particular value of the other attribute was selected.
  • The issue with the ‘Manage Label / Options’ panel was fixed.

Magento 2  Product Labels 1.2.1

  • Performance optimization was made: cache for a labels’ block was added.
  • Compatibility improvements were implemented.

Magento 2 Admin Actions Log 1.0.7

  • Now the passwords in the log are hidden under asterisks.
  • Some improvements in the actions log were made.

Magento 2 Advanced Permissions 1.0.5

  • Restricted websites and stores are hidden from the product page now.
  • A number of minor improvements were added.

Magento 2 Landing Pages 1.1.5

  • The ability to allow non-unique URL keys for different stores was implemented.
  • A number of minor improvements were made.

Magento 2 Extra Fee 1.1.2

  • An extra fee for the totals at the checkout success page was added.

Magento 2 Efficient Order Export 1.1.6

  • A new export setting was implemented: now the module is able to exclude bundle and configurable products from the export and to skip parent products.

Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notifications 1.2.0

  • Support for subscriptions to items of grouped products was added.

Minor updates and improvements

How to get the updates?

You can easily download the updated extensions in your account. If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll quickly help you out.