Amasty updates for January

We are happy to announce our January updates, that, we hope, you are waiting for.

Good news for those, who love Special Promotions, Special Promotions Pro and Loyalty Program extensions: now you can create bright and catchy promo banners for your promotions like in our Auto Add Promo Items plugin. The winner in the number of improvements this month is Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2, don’t miss to check it first.

Magento 1

Special Promotions 1.10.3

  • New feature: a possibility to display banners for promotion rules was added.


  • Now banners work well with admin mass actions
  • Minor CSS fix was made
  • A number of general improvements were added
  • A code refactoring was implemented to improve extension compatibility

Special Promotions Pro 1.10.0

  • New feature: a possibility to display banners for promotion rules was added
  • A code refactoring was implemented to improve extension compatibility
  • A number of general improvements were made

Loyalty Program 1.10.0

  • New feature: possibility to display banners for promotion rules was added
  • A code refactoring was implemented to improve extension compatibility
  • A number of general improvements

Improved Layered Navigation 3.0.7

  • Now the plugin is compatible with CreareSeo extension (replaces the page title and meta description from ILN module)
  • The ability to configure per-store the CMS Block and URL Alias for the filters was added
  • Brand URL bug was fixed

Gift Card 1.2.1

  • A cron job for automatically setting expired accounts
  • A local timezone offset was added
  • Few general fixes were made
  • Code syntax was fixed

Sales Reps And Dealers 1.4.10

  • A speed improvement was made when exporting customers from the customer grid (avoid double join)
  • The ‘Not Assigned` option was added in the Dealer filter on the Customers and Orders Grids
  • Dealer column on the Customers Grid was fixed

RMA 1.3.9

  • Now the extension checks the quantity of already returned products when creating a new RMA request
  • Now requests that were removed by customers are marked as “Deleted” in the backend
  • Multiple stability and design fixes were made

Meta Tags Templates 1.3.11

  • A new setting was added:`Ability to set/replace short descriptions of products on the category view page`
  • An issue with incorrect URL key saving on the backend was fixed

Customer Group Catalog 2.3.5

  • A new setting was added under the “Category Access Restriction” to specify the action for selected categories
  • A minor improvement was added for restricting product in multiple categories

One Step Checkout 3.0.4

  • A fix was made for the “No Payment Information Required” message
  • A fix was made for applying shopping cart price rules on free shipping

Extra Fee 1.2.5

  • Wrong percentage calculation for some cases was fixed
  • Checkout fees were added to totals on the order view page

Product Parts Finder 2.2.11

  • New options for redirect were implemented: Home page, Same page, Results page

Admin Actions Log 1.6.2

  • The usability and speed were improved: the ‘History of Changes’ tab on ‘Customer edit’, ‘Order view’ and ‘Product edit’ pages now work with AJAX
  • Check the updated magento activity log extension

XML Google® Sitemap 1.1.8

  • A store filter for pages’ navigation improvement was added

Store Locator 1.4.6

  • A possibility to automatically add coordinates to the maps when importing files, based on addresses, was implemented

Product Attachments 1.7.0

  • A possibility to define the default value for file visibility setting (public or private) for newly uploaded attachments was added

SMTP Email Settings 1.2.9

  • An improvement was made for a case when different stores have different email settings

Product Alerts Reports 1.0.2

  • A compatibility with the SUPEE-6788 patch was added

Smart Review Reminder 1.3.5

  • The ability to check mailing list on the unsubscribed e-mails was added

Search Pro 1.14.10

  • A compatibility with Call For Price extension was added
  • Translations file was added (locale settings)
  • Improvement for GET query handling was made

Magento 2

Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation 1.14.4

  • The ability to add a category image to the Custom Pages was added



  • The ability to add the custom Title, Description, Image & Meta Tags for the Category Pages when filters are applied was made
  • An option to enable the vertical scrolling to filter blocks higher than the size specified in the setting was added
  • Now the filtering by price works with the Elasticsearch engine (for Magento EE)
  • SEO configuration tab is available now for the website and store scopes
  • The ability to hide or keep visible a single-choice filter after the selection was added
  • Now it’s possible to show the radio buttons for the single-choice filters
  • The ability to choose URL Alias separator: ‘-‘ or ‘_’ was added
  • Custom Page with more filter selections has the higher priority now
  • A number of fixes and optimization improvements was added

Magento 2 Delivery Date 1.2.0

  • The functionality that allows customers (both signed in and guests) to change the delivery date of the order was added
  • A possibility to set up rules that define for what orders editing is possible (rules based on date and/or order status) was added
  • Minor fixes were added

Magento 2 Blog Pro 1.0.2

  • A Sitemap was added (for compatibility with our Google XML Sitemap extension)
  • Incorrect database table names were fixed

Magento 2 Promo Banners 1.0.2

  • A new possibility was added: now you can insert a banner into a CSM Block using the following code: {{block class=”Amasty\PromoBanners\Block\Container” template=”Amasty_PromoBanners::container.phtml” banner_id=”1″}}
  • Minor compatibility improvements were added

Minor updates and improvements

How to get the updates?

You can easily download the updated extensions in your account.

If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll quickly help you out.

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