Amasty Extensions Updates: May 2014

It’s the end of the month again, which means Amasty Team is ready to introduce to you its monthly updates roll-up. The top-star of this month has become Improved Layered Navigation extension, which can boast of such a great amount of updates, that the effort put in is equal to creating a new one. If to cut a long story short, it started supporting Solr, offered a few new filters and has become more suitable for responsive themes. Want to learn more? Check inside!

Besides Improved Layered Navigation update, this month we paid a lot of attention to improving the flexibility of the extensions functions – One Step Checkout and Pre Order updates – as well as increasing compatibility of the extensions, like in the case with Advanced Permissions and Abandoned Cart E-mail. Magento log extension – Admin Actions Log and Google Rich Snippets also were not left aside and got some new functions aimed to increase overall User Experience.

Check the full list of the updates below:

Amasty Extensions Updates: May 2014


Major updates:

Compatibility and code refactoring:

You can find the list of updates made in April 2014 here.