Hi there! This article is especially tempting for Amasty extensions’ lovers: as you know, we’ve made updates lifetime free! Look through the changes below and feel free to download the latest versions of your extensions right now.

Magento 1

Out Of Stock Notifications 1.6.0

  • Ability for guest visitors to unsubscribe from all notifications was added.
  • A list of subscriptions can be exported into a CSV file now.
  • Ability to disable subscription for particular customer groups was added.

Color Swatches Pro 3.15.5

  • A setting to enable/disable a lightbox and a zoom was added.
  • Custom options compatibility fixes were made.
  • Minor issues were fixed.

Efficient Order Export 2.8.7

  • Now the extension allows exporting orders with a particular SKU.
  • Reindexing was improved.
  • Minor bugfixes were made.

Product Feed 3.4.6

  • Now you can set zero in ‘Price Decimals’ field.
  • Now if there is no data for an attribute, “Before” and “After” values are ignored in CSV.
  • Some minor issues were fixed.

HTML Sitemap 1.0.10

  • Now the module allows controlling the robots meta option for the Sitemap page.
  • The interface of the ‘Configuration’ page on the admin panel was improved.
  • All module inscriptions, phrases and other pieces of text (e.g. titles, notifications, etc.) were added to CSV file. You can use it as a template for a fast translation.

Delivery Date 1.4.2

  • Ability to show/hide fields based on selected countries was added.
  • Ability to save “Include into” and “Display on” fields without selecting any options was added.

Loyalty Program 1.11.3

  • A notification feature was added for the rules grid: now you’ll be informed if a product (SKU) has “Out of stock” status or/and Qty=0. It also notifies you when a rule is created or edited.

Errors Log 2.0.12

  • Ability to select a sender of a notification email was implemented.

XML Google® Sitemap 1.2.0

  • A setting to output all product images in the sitemap was added.

Custom Forms 1.1.5

  • Now the extension allows controlling form’s focus. You can enable or disable this option.

Special Promotions Pro 1.11.0

  • A new condition “Subtotal Without Special Price” was added.

Abandoned Cart Emails 1.13.0

  • Schedule editing and coupon behavior were fixed.
  • Code readability improvements were implemented.
  • Minor display issues were fixed.

One Step Checkout 3.1.2

  • Compatibility with Amasty Order Attributes extension was added.
  • A few issues with payment methods were fixed.
  • Other minor issues were fixed.

Special Promotions 1.11.6

  • Banners logic was simplified.

Auto Add Promo Items 2 2.4.3

  • Banners logic was simplified.
  • Minor fixes were added.

Ajax Scroll 1.0.14

  • Better compatibility with mobile devices was added.

Magento 2

Magento 2 Improved Sorting 2.0.0

  • New indexing algorithm was added according to Magento devdocs guides.
  • Ability to set custom names for the sorting methods was implemented.
  • The sorting method by ‘Reviews Count’ was revised.
  • Performance and security enhancements were made.
  • Backend interface changes and improvements were made. Now all sorting options are in one place:

Magento 2 Multi Select Layered Navigation

  • Ability to configure an ‘All Brands’ link position in the top menu was added.
  • Top filters were added to the search page.
  • Several issues with filtering were fixed.
  • A number of other fixes were added.

Magento 2 Product Feed 1.2.0

  • A new option was added: now you can control whether the shortest or longest category path will be used in the output URL.
  • ‘Product Enabled’ and ‘Stock Availability’ conditions are now available by default.
  • A number of minor fixes were added.

Magento 2 Customer Attributes 2.1.0

  • New ability was added: now you can use customer.getData(‘attribute_name’) variable in order-related emails.
  • Minor bug fixes & stability improvements were added.

Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect 1.0.4

  • A number of issues and errors regarding redirection were fixed.

Magento 2 Order Attributes 2.1.5

  • A unique index for the ‘Order ID’ field was made for better extension performance.

Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notifications 1.2.3

  • Compatibility with Amasty StockStatus was improved.
  • Issues with bundle products were fixed.
  • Price block notification issue was fixed.

Magento 2 Blog Pro 1.0.4

  • “Published Date” column was added.

Minor updates

How to get the updates?

You can easily download the updated extensions in your account. If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll quickly help you out.