Amasty extensions updates - October 2015

Marching to October updates! Here’s what we’ve done to make our Magento extensions better.

Please find information about SUPEE-6788 updates here.

Improved Layered Navigation 2.9.0

  • Ability to show featured options first for long lists of options (useful for top brands, etc)

Display featured options first

  • Not Yet Rated option for rating filter

Not yet rated filter

  • Ability to exclude some attributes from URL and move them to the GET part of the query

Keep as GET parameter in URL

  • Option to show search box when the list length is greater of some value

Search box

Full Page Cache 1.5.0

  • Cleanup old session files and report files. If left unchecked, Magento session files can grow out of control and have a negative impact on your store performance. Now you can automatically delete outdated session and report files using FPC extension. Additionally, you can determine how often (in days) you need to remove old session files.

Remove session and report files


  • Enable debug mode via GET parameters. In case on your website IP detection is not working properly you can enable/disable debug mode on the store page via GET parameters.
  • Possibility to view and clear the list of pages to index

Sales Reps and Dealers 1.4.2

  • Ability to assign customers to a dealer via mass action on the Customers Grid
  • The Dealer column added to the Customer Grid
  • Default Dealer – all new orders will be assigned to this dealer except if a specific customer is already assigned to another dealer
  • Ability to use {{var dealer}} variable in the order emails
  • Ability to select website for Login as Customer feature, if `Share Customer Accounts` is Global
  • Dealer column added to the Customers Grid (`Manage Customers` tab) on the `Edit User` page (Backend)
  • Dealer name added to the `Personal Information` fieldset (`Customer View` tab) on the Edit Customer page (Backend)
  • Ability to change dealer for customer on the`Account Information` tab of the Edit Customer page (Backend)
  • Allow customers to select a dealer in the customer account (optional)
  • Settings reorganization

Pre Order 1.3.3

  • Support for related blocks on a product view page
  • Speed improvement for customer account pages
  • Improvements for multi store setup when order created from the backend
  • Advanced: regexp for elements can now be changed via backend settings


Extended Product Grid with Editor 4.12.3

  • Now allows to save columns order per template, not only per user
  • New visual style for dropdown elements on the grid, with search by value feature

Free Gift 2.2.4

  • Downloadable products support
  • Show “Banners tab” for ‘Auto add with products’ and ‘Auto Add the same product’ actions only

Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups 1.1.2

  • For customer with no customer group info the same logic as for the group NOT_LOGGED_IN is applied

Delivery Date 1.2.6

  • Possibility to specify time offset relative to the current time for the same day delivery

Ajax Shopping Cart 2.3.6

  • New visual options tab to customize the window look

Visual customization

  • ‎Wishlist and Add to Compare now work with AJAX

Product Feed 3.2.7

  • New mass actions: duplicate and generate feeds
  • Fetch products by categories including all subcategories
  • Create a new feed choosing appropriate product field

Product feedGift Card 1.1.1

  • Ability to apply gift cards to backend orders
  • Setting “Product Types, Which Can Be Bought With Gift Card” was added
  • Ability to create a gift card from backend is added

Auto Shipping 1.1.2

  • Option to auto select the cheapest or the most expensive shipping method

GeoIP Redirect 1.0.4

  • Setting to restrict redirects by IP address. Sometimes you may need to redirect your visitors to another website, but still to allow certain users to access your webstore as it is. For example, some of your staff works remotely. In this case it is necessary to give the admin users a permission to access your webshop from their IPs.

Order Attributes 3.2.2

  • Separate control of permissions for editing attributes within an order

Improved Sorting 1.3.3

  • Ability to set default sorting for the search results page and for the advanced search results page

Customers Also Viewed 1.1.5

  • Two new settings: `Query Limit` and `Period` in days to find matching products
  • Exclude products added into Related products from the Upsells block

Order Flags 3.2.0

  • Separate permission rule to allow assigning flags on the order grid

RMA 1.3.3

  • Option to include extra fields (like bank account) in the RMA request

Order Memos and Attachments 2.4.4

  • New mass action “Edit order notes and files”

Store Credit 1.1.3

  • Ability to use store credits when creating orders form backend panel

Use store credits for backend orders

  • Ability to refund the order to customer balance

Refund to store credit

Special Promotions Pro 1.7.2 + Loyalty Program 1.7.2

  • Option to skip items with special price. Since such items are already discounted to the minimum, it is reasonable to make discount rules skip such items not to lose money.

Landing Pages 1.8.0

  • Option to select multiple categories for a landing page. Now you can choose multiple categories from which the products will be displayed on a particular landing page

Multiple categories for landing page

  • Option to see and open the landing page final URL right from the admin grid

Check landing pages

Product Parts Finder 2.2.1

  • Auto load next drop-down if the current one has just a single value

Dropdown with a single value

XML Google Sitemap 1.0.10

  • No disabled pages in the sitemap

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