Amasty Plans For 2019: A Letter From CEO

Amasty Plans for 2018
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Hello to Amasty customers!

We seem to have just taken stock of our personal results over the expiring year, met a new year and there we are introducing our ideas for 2019.

But before we’ll get to it, let’s go over the stats and facts of 2018.

Quick 2018 Recap

We’ve grown to the team of 90. Traditionally, we put the point first, as all our products and services come real thanks to Amasty team. Now we can say we have in-house specialists in all business areas. Every day they answer your questions, create new functionality that helps you cover business needs, test our products to guarantee a top-notch experience, and make you aware of the latest news from the world of Magento.

We are pleased to say that in 2018 AmDev LLC, the Amasty Development office in Minsk confirmed the business processes meet the ISO 9001:2015 requirements. The standard-setting body stated we managed to establish a high-level workflow that followed the PDCA approach and were moving forward in the right direction.

Our store range of products counts more than 230 Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions. The team did a big save in 2018 to make your choice wider, thus more relevant. We released 18 new modules extending vanilla backend settings and strengthening the frontend presentation of your products. We are sure that you’ll find a solution that’ll work best for your business plans.

In 2018, Amasty joined Belarus Hi-Tech Park. Apart from the team, we want to express our gratitude to all our clients and partners! It would be impossible without your trust and fruitful cooperation.

At the same time, we’d like to note that in 2018 we reached new heights in partnership relations. Now we have 100+ partners in 34 countries worldwide. That’s a good sign meaning we’re going hand-in-hand with all of you in the right direction of e-commerce development.

And of course, we continue taking an active part in Magento Community development. Last year we spoke at MM Croatia, Netherlands and sponsored the Contribution Day and Magento Live EU in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2018 our team of Zend- and Magento certified specialists did a good job to improve your shopping experience with Amasty, our products and services. We’ve undertaken a complete rethink of our loyalty program. Now you can opt for our new reward points program that aims at a mutually beneficial relationship. We’ve added social buttons to the checkout to make the process even more comfortable and less time-consuming. We revised and applied an absolutely new approach to our technical support and online help to make it faster and of a higher quality.

Amasty plans for 2019

In 2019 we’ll continue seeking new ways of covering your urgent business needs and meeting new challenges. We’ll move on conducting customer surveys, audits and taking into account your wishes for new features and extensions. We’ll give tips on how to apply this or that extension or a whole bundle of modules to the greatest benefits.

Magento 2 focus | Magento 1 support

Here at Amasty, we remain dedicated to the customer-oriented principle. With Magento 2.3 release, we checked all our extensions with a view to the compatibility. This year we’ll go on solving a bigger number of your platform challenges through empowering it with a number of new solutions. At the same time, we won’t leave our Magento 1 customers out of the picture and will continue providing you with technical support and free updates. improvements

We’ve already integrated a set of new functional changes to to make your shopping journey most convenient and practically checkoutless. To date, we can say some of the new visual improvements like our home page update are in the development stage. So, we hope they’ll help us make your experience with our store even better.

Even more Magento events

In 2019, as early as in March we’ll continue this part of our activity and sponsor MageTestFest in Florence, Italy (more details will be on our blog closer to the date).

Even more relevant products

At the beginning of the year, we’ve already released two new extensions: Magento 2 Google Page Speed Optimizer and Stripe. Amasty is fully in line with the ranking of a Premier Magento Extension Builder. This means we’ll work hard for you to get even more high-grade solutions in 2019.

Step up team expertise in parallel with staff growth

Famous business coaches speak in one voice on fast-moving companies that “high growth equals high uncertainty”. They mean uncertainty in staff skills, in the quality of products and services, in the business future, on the whole.

We believe, instead, that taking a risk is a natural part of any business at any stage. Conversely, we’re happy the ‘fresh potential’ in the face of our new team players can rethink some old things and processes. We promise to continue growing our expertise and share it with you.

These are the key points of our development we want to convey to you. We’re tempted to thank you, guys, again for choosing Amasty as your Magento extensions provider and partner.

That’s a wrap. Stay tuned!

Andrei Vashkevich

Amasty CEO and Co-Founder


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