Amasty People


Amasty team is struggling to make the life of store owners easier all days long by performing complex technical solutions.

Yeah, we are all serious guys, wearing glasses, discussing tools for CR, AOV and LTV growth as well as how to decrease cart abandonment rate and CAC. During lunchtime, of course. Or instead.

Some of us are real geeks, sleeping in front of computer monitors cause we believe in the magic power of the apple that fell on Newton’s head. And we dream of creating somewhat like a ‘theory of relativity’ for E-commerce one day.

They even say, some of our modules were coded during sleepwalking.


Believe-or-not, there are several moments in life, when we ground arms and postpone the battle for Successful E-commerce Worldwide for better times. But don’t worry: we renew the battle immediately as soon as the first ticket falls into our Support system. 🙂


Amasty People. Masks.


So, quickly curtain falls and you will see the other side of Amasty Team.
Ready Steady Go!

Ladies first!

Amasty People. Ladies first.


Amasty cares for safety even at high speeds.

Amasty People. Cart racing.

Amasty People. Cart racing.


Amasty is always prepared for unexpected. ‘Saw water – unpack the roars and start a trip!’ – we say.

Amasty People. Kayak journey.


Going the wrong way is adventure, leading to the right one.

Amasty People. Kayak journey-way.

Amasty People. Kayak trip.


For someone we can seem strange…

Amasty People. Crocodile game/


… but understand each other perfectly.

Amasty People. Crocodile.


Amasty is permanently inventing new methods and test them.

Amasty People. Bowling.


And balance successfully in highly competitive sphere of e-commerce.

Amasty People. Jenga.


Because we own some ‘Secret weapons’…

Amasty People. Laser tag.


Peaceful weapons, of course. Just to solve the issues fast.

Amasty People. Peaceful weapons.


Btw, NY is coming soon. Amasty Santa is preparing surprises for Amasty customers. So follow the news and be with us!

Amasty People. Santa.

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