Hello to Amasty customers!

It’s been a while we talked about our plans. Now, since it’s the beginning of 2018, I think it’s the right moment to share what we have prepared for this year!

But first, a bit of stats and facts of 2017.


A Quick 2017 Recap

Andrei Vashkevich

Andrei Vashkevich

CEO and Co-Founder, Amasty

Amasty Team Members

We’ve grown to the team of 60. It consists of support managers, developers, QA specialists, product managers, BA and content specialists. They answer your questions, develop and update extensions, test them, plan their growth, write user guides and manuals and create useful content for each and every one of you – every day! I’m putting this point first because the main driving force of Amasty is the team.

Amasty became the first Premier Magento Extensions Builder Partner. It’s a great honor and privilege to be an official partner of Magento, but it’s not all – with the title we received unofficial responsibilities of supporting the community and keeping up with the high standards more than ever.

Magento extensions

Our store now offers more than 200 Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions. We worked hard in 2017 so you can choose from a wide range of products and pick the one that’s working for your business.

We spoke at a number of conferences, hosted a Magento Contribution Day, and sponsored MageTestFest and Magento Live UK. Those were exciting days when we shared our experience and met a lot of Magento community members!

Apart from creating and updating the extensions, we delivered new exciting options for our customers. We opened an Amasty Composer repository and added new currencies to amasty.com for our customers’ convenience, made all updates for all extensions free forever, and extended our moneyback period to 60 days. I do hope that these changes improved your experience with Amasty and its products and services.

We are proud to have more than 60 partners in 24 countries around the globe. Cannot express the importance of relationships with companies on the same business path in the world of e-commerce.

We browsed through our main last year accomplishments – now, to the plans!

Amasty Plans for 2018

We do appreciate that you guys choose Amasty as your extensions provider. It’s an incredible honor to see more than 25 thousand stores globally using Amasty extensions! We’re sharing our plans so you can align them with your own business needs and know what to expect from Amasty products and services in the future.

Magento 2 Focus

We’re gradually switching our focus to Magento 2 extensions development and updates. We’re doing this because of the growing demand we have been seeing during 2017. In a nutshell, it means that we will be making more Magento 2 products and updates.

Read more about why we removed our Magento 2 extensions roadmap.

Magento 1 Flow

However, we have no plans of cancelling our M1 extensions support: over 2018, we will be definitely updating and maintaining them – as long as our clients need it.

Amasty.com improvements

We have already been working on making amasty.com better for you, so you can shop for extensions with ease and comfort. Visual improvements and enhanced user experience are already in development and will be released throughout 2018.

Magento Events

Our team plans to come to even more Magento events as visitors, sponsors, and speakers. Stay tuned and feel free to come up and talk to us whenever you see an Amasty team member in the venue! Also, we are planning to host some home based events to support the local community as an official Magento Partner.

Product Delivery

And, of course, we will be making Magento extensions. Our goal is to provide you with the top solutions in each e-commerce functionality segment, and by top we’re meaning feature-rich and useful products that’ll work perfectly for your Magento stores and for your business.

Team Expertise

We build our team of people that strive for expertise – that’s why even more colleagues will become Magento Certified Developers and Magento Certified Solution Specialists in 2018. I’m not saying that they will try or attempt to take the tests – because I’m sure that they will qualify for certifications.

Buy Features You Really Need

And last but not least. In 2018, a new exciting feature will be released on Amasty.com. I’m afraid I cannot disclose all the details yet, but we have huge plans for delivering options that will let you buy exactly the features you need. We expect this tool to be a gamechanger when it comes to meeting the merchants’ needs.

Of course, there will be a number of smaller but no less exciting changes that didn’t hit this list. We’re continuing our journey of supporting businesses all over the world and contributing to the growth and rise of e-commerce. And we’re happy we have you on board of this journey.

Stay tuned!

Andrei Vashkevich

Amasty CEO and Co-Founder