As you know, we offer not only Magento 2 plugins, but also services for installing and configuring modules, security patches, and other important software.

And today, we will tell you what differs server configuration and migration services and which one to choose in your case.

What do the server configuration & migration services include?

Server configuration

Server configuration will be useful for those who are just launching a new Magento 2 website and need a hand with choosing and setting up the right server and software for it. We will choose a server provider based on your store requirements, calculate optimal server capacity, and pick up add-ons that will suit you best.

Server migration

Server migration is useful when you already run a Magento 2 store and start getting problems like:

  • low website loading speed,
  • downtimes caused by peaked traffic,
  • poor performance, etc.

In this case, our specialists will choose a suitable server solution for your store, transfer the database and store files without losing a bit of data, in short, stop your store work on the previous hosting and enable it on the new one.

What problems do clients come to us with?

Below we provide examples of issues that different businesses asked us to solve.

Note that we care about our clients’ confidentiality and security, therefore we don’t disclose names and other sensitive business information about companies that turned to us for help.

Story #1

customer story

Our specialist: Firewall is one of the basic security tools that protect your store from unwanted traffic. But if you already have a problem with DDoS attacks or want to avoid them, you need to install and set up an additional security tool, say, fail2ban. This software scans log files and analyzes what IP addresses generate too many password errors. Then the program updates the firewall and adds these IPs to a blacklist.

Story #2

customer story 1

Our specialist: These “symptoms” usually point to the wrong cron job settings. Cron runs given tasks according to the schedule you specified. However, when set up incorrectly, it leads to the issues you listed. We’ll help you solve the problem and automate your triggered emails.

Story #3

customer story 2

Our specialist: This issue usually occurs if you have wrong DNS settings. In this case, we need to specify the correct path.

Story #4

customer story 3

Our specialist: Varnish doesn’t support SSL and TLS protocols, but this issue may be solved by using an additional proxy server. It will get clients’ requests and redirect them to Varnish safely.

Why choose us?

Free pre-sale consultation

Before we start, we will do a free investigation of your current server, analyze your requests and needs, and create a detailed report where you will find what software, hosting providers, server capacity we recommend, and our work-plan.

Individual approach

We understand that each business is unique and always consider requests individually to meet your personal needs. Also, we have flexible payment models. The final price depends on your requirements and the number of hours it will take us to complete the job.

Dedicated Project Manager

Besides the technical team, you will have a dedicated project manager who will lead your case from start to finish. They’ll inform you about current work status, and coordinate teamwork.

They’ll take responsibility for project delivery, deal with the contract and financial part, and perform the after‑release support.

2 months of warranty

We are sure about the quality of our work and provide 2 months of free support for these services. Even more, your PM will stay in touch with you after the end of the support period and answer all your questions.

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