Hello to Amasty blog readers!

We’re sharing some exciting news. A member of Amasty team is going to speak at Meet Magento CZ, which is taking place on 27 April 2017 in Prague.

The conference is organized by NEKLO. Apart from great speeches on the agenda (which are pretty much a standard for Meet Magento events), the event is hosting the Best eCommerce store Competition and offers a 50% discount for merchants.

Meet the Amasty team member speech announcement:

B2C type of e-commerce is the establishment of relationships between businesses and final consumers. It corresponds to the retail section of  e-commerce, where traditional retail trade normally operates.

What does it mean to create e-commerce websites that are effortless to use?

To online customers, that means receiving the most fulfilling online experience and effortless purchase possible.

For businesses, it means reaping higher conversion rates, enjoying enhanced brand awareness and recognition, and more selling opportunities.

Here’s what Victor tells us about his future presentation:

My vision is to make commerce simple. I want to make everyday buying and selling easier. I try to do this by implementing my vision of modern consumer experience in every project and extension developed.


Feel free to reach Victor at the venue and say hi! Or book a meeting via victor.kravtsov@amasty.com. He would love to talk all things Magento!

See you in Prague!