Amasty sponsored an intellectual games youth cup

This is the second time Amasty sponsors Baranki Cup – an intellectual games contest, organized for young boys and girls (follow the link to see the last year recap). The event took place on March 14-15 in Baranovichi, a city in Belarus. 35 teams of young mind game lovers from all over the country came to compete in several types of contests.

We’re proud that Amasty Magento developer Ruslan was one of the event organizers.

– Ruslan, you are involved into Baranki Cup organization for the fourth time. How come you’re so keen on into intellectual games? Was the 2015 cup different from the previous ones?

ruslan_c – I have been playing What? Where? When? since I was 15 years old. When I was a schoolboy, there wasn’t such an intellectual games festival, and we wanted it to appear. What is more, for me organizing such events is even more joyful than playing the games.

This year everything went superb, which is proved by the event reviews. This year we won the Best Youth Competition nomination by the Belarusian League of Intellectual Teams and showed a new approach to competitions, where we emphasize emotions, good vibes, first class supporting music. This is our know-how, and our country doesn’t have any analogs so far.

The latest event was even richer: emotions of coaches, organizers, and children, meeting new friends, new contests… You just can’t forget such a wonderful adventure.

What? Where? When is an intellectual game show well known in Russian-language media since 1975. Today it also exists as a competitive game played in clubs organized by the World Association of Clubs. Over 21 000 teams worldwide play the sport version of game.

Andrew VashkevichAndrei, Chief Technology Officer at Amasty, explains why the team was so excited about supporting this event:

 – Here at Amasty we do believe that the next generations should exceed us in intelligence and knowledge levels. That’s why we contribute to Baranki Cup in every possible way. We see this as a method of helping young people in establishing self-confidence, expanding their knowledge and achieving something better.

Happy winners and participants

Happy winners and participants

Amasty team wishes best of luck to participants and winners, thanks to all the organizers and sponsors and hopes to meet mind game lovers the next year.