Hello to Amasty blog readers!

We’re continuing to actively participate in this season of Magento events.

Today we’re happy to announce that Amasty’s Stanislav Kharlap and Eugene Obukhovsky, Magento 2 developers, will take the stage on Dec, 16th at MageConf in Kiev to talk about ways of optimizing Magento 2 memory usage.

Feel free to come up and say hello to Stas and Eugene at the event!

About MageConf

MageConf is a conference that brings together so many talented PHP and Magento developers. The range of topics discussed at the conference covers the whole stack of technologies used in Magento – PHP, JS etc. The conference will be held in two streams, which we have decided not to separate this time into specific areas, and instead fill them with the unique reports. Workshops for Magento developers will be held separately. Our workshops will focus on the ways how to resolve practical unconventional problems many developers face currently.

Admission is free. Please register in advance to attend the event.

See you soon in Kiev!