Header Another 2 Amasty developers have passed Magento certification

Great news, everyone! Another 2 members of Amasty Team have passed Magento Certification and claimed their profound knowledge of Magento platform. With Ruslan and Alexey now Amasty Team has 4 certified developers, so now you can be double sure in the highest quality of our extensions. We asked our new Magento superstars to share with us a few secrets on how to pass Magento certification successfully.

Why did you decide to pass Magento Certification?

Magento Certification interview

R: I have been working with Magento for 2 years already and it was interesting for me, first and foremost, to test myself. Besides, when you are preparing for the exam, you always learn something new. So it’s a great thing to do from both personal and professional sides.

A: I decided to pass Magento Certification from the very moment I learnt about it. I received an e-mail from Magento and thought that it’s the right time for me to try myself. It’s a good chance to test your knowledge and make sure you don’t miss anything important in your work.

How long did it take you to get prepared for the exam?

R: Generally all the time I worked with Magento platform should count, since all the knowledge and experience I gained were of high use at the exam and coding for Magento is one big preparation. Intensive preparation took me 2 months, I mean focused studying based on the provided guide.

A: Intensive preparation took me 2 weeks, which is enough to look through the guide and make sure you know all it takes to pass the test. But the total time depends on the experience you have had. Of course to gain deeper knowledge one needs much more time.

So is it your work experience that matters most?

Magento Certification interview - Ruslan

R: Yes, the exam is very versatile and it touches every single part of Magento platform. It might be the case that your work is connected only with a few of the topics listed, so you have to work hard to gain knowledge about other Magento aspects.

A: And this is probably one of the reasons why I decided to pass Magento Certification. I worked only with a limited number of Magento aspects and didn’t touch others. And after I studied them carefully when preparing for the exam and have passed Magento Certification I feel more confident.

What materials besides the guide itself did you use when preparing for the exam?

A: Google. The guide shows what topics, classes and files one should pay attention to. I think it’s important to have a closer look at classes to gain better understanding.

R: Yes, Google was of great help. Magento code is also very useful. Besides, I read a Guide “How to pass Magento Certification in 30 days” written by David Nguyen. And our blog also published an article on one of the questions.

What topic turned out to be the most difficult and tricky for you?

Magento Certification interview - Alexey

A: For me personally Checkout was the most difficult one, since I didn’t work a lot with it. And another reason for that is that Checkout includes a lot of subtopics, such as Shipping, Payments, etc. This topic also concerns payment systems, which makes it more difficult than others.

R: And for me the first chapters were more complicated, since on the one hand everything looks easy, but on the other hand there are some very important nuances. These topics are a little bit vague, which also doesn’t make studying easy.

And which of the topics or questions were the most interesting for you?

A: The ones I regularly work with. I enjoyed more the questions, which I come up with every day and which are familiar to me from my experience. Like Customers for example.

How has your life changed after you passed Magento Certification?

R: I started spending less time on theoretical questions concerning Magento. And gained more respect to my professional qualities.

A: In fact I’ve checked myself, made sure that I know certain things and have some basic knowledge.

Who do you think should pass Magento certification?

R: Anyone, who has been working with Magento for a certain period of time. It is a good advantage and a professional boost.

A: Everyone who wants to test themselves. During preparation one always learns something new or some tricky nuances. So it’s really useful from the professional point of view.