Arm with Troubleshooter to end up all your Magento extension conflicts
Magento Connect is a popular open-source marketplace submitted store owners with useful eCommerce modules. But as far as you’ve bought different extension you will be quite acquainted with so-called extension conflicts that cause extension troubles and time loss. Moreover, if you don’t fix the problem on time it may result in financial damage to your store. Amasty Team has issued Troubleshooter designed to solve these problems once and forever.

To give a better understanding concerning the functions of the Troubleshooter and the nature of Magento conflicts we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

What is the cause of Magento module conflict?

When modules interact with the same part of Magento code, one of them can’t work properly. This is what’s called a conflict between extensions.

There may be three types of conflicts:

  • Conflict in configuration files, when extensions use the same class dependence.
  • Class/rewrite conflict, if two modules are referencing the same class in config.xml (<rewrite> tags).
  • Template conflict that concerns to locating the extension’s output in the .phtml template files.

Is it hard to you to find the extension conflict? Troubleshooter to the rescue

So, now we know what the issue is. And at the next step we are faced with another question: how to identify where the conflict roots are? Finding a conflict is very laborious and time-taking process. Fortunately, there is a tool created by Amasty developers that can help to disclose any module conflict that you may run across while working with Magento.

Troubleshooter can also fix the extension clash. Pretty cool!

Troubleshooter serves not only to identify but also to suggest solutions for module conflict resolving. It seems just like a balm for the wounds!

Magento troubleshooter example

This screenshot demonstrates Troubleshooter in action: it identifies which modules are engaged into a conflict, the place of conflict and suggest the instruction to overcome the clash.

What else can Troubleshooter do?

In addition to the described above features Troubleshooter can define which of the current extensions in your store were deactivated incorrectly and continue put your business to trouble.

Magento troubleshooter example
As you can see in the screenshot, Troubleshooter found the modules in which only outputs were disabled but not the entire module.

Use Troubleshooter for free

Troubleshooter is free and now is available in every extension made by Amasty as a subsidiary option. If you don’t see Troubleshooter at your Admin Panel, simply update the extension through your account at the website. Troubleshooter is provided absolutely FREE.

Use Amasty products and enjoy their wide functionality!