Author: Stanislav Pomaleyko

Magento 2 certification: dependency injection [approach and architecture]

Hey to Amasty blog readers! We are continuing with our posts in preparation for the Magento 2 certification exam. This time we asked Stanislav, one of our team Magento 1 certified developers and a Zend Certified Engineer, to tell about Magento’s dependency injection approach and architecture. Read on to find out how to use the dependency injection at first hand. What is Magento 2 dependency injection? Dependency injection is a design pattern that allows declaring object dependencies in Magento 2. The realization allows not only to make your code more structural and independent but also to make the process of...

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Creating Magento 2 orders programmatically

If you are a Magento 2 developer, some day and not even once you’ll need to create a certain amount of Magento 2 orders, and preferably programmatically, as manual creating of a bigger number of orders can be time consuming and simply inconvenient. I created this Magento 2 order generator for the needs of Amasty team and decided to share it with you. I made this generator because we needed a faster creation of orders tool for testing and debugging purposes. For example, I personally use it to check how statistics work, how the extensions is dealing with the...

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