Author: Andrei Vashkevich

Amasty Partners With Magento: We’re The First Premier Magento Extension Builder

Oh hello there! We’ve got some exciting news. Amasty is a Magento official partner! Our company is the first one to become a Premier Magento Extension Builder. We’re proud to receive this title and to be a partner of Magento. It is very encouraging to see that our input into the Magento community and ecosystem is appreciated. Amasty started to evolve right after Magento was born and has been present on the market of Magento extensions for 8 years. The company has built 195 M1 and M2 extensions since then. We were one of the first companies to start...

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Great news! We extend moneyback period to 60 days

Hey there, How are you doing? We’ve got some great news for you. From May 3rd, the moneyback period for all our extensions will be 60 days. Previously, it was 30 days. Why we’re extending our moneyback period Based on feedback from our customers, we realized that sometimes people need even more time to see if the product is right for them. If an Amasty extension is very feature-rich, or if the store is being deployed on a dev server, the time needed for understanding what the extension does can increase. We’ve been working a lot on letting you...

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Why we’re removing Magento 2 extensions roadmap [A letter from Amasty CEO]

ANDREI VASHKEVICH TALKS ABOUT MAGENTO 2 EXTENSIONS PROGRESS, OVERALL IMPROVEMENTS AND THE NEAREST PLANS OF AMASTY WHEN IT COMES TO M2 PRODUCTS Hello to everyone! Here’s Andrei, Amasty CEO. Today I’m here to give you some perspective of what we’ve done since our first M2 extension release and to share some plans we are ready to implement in the nearest future. Ever since we had started making Magento 2 extensions, we created a roadmap to show the products we were currently developing. We have been updating the roadmap for several months, but after some period of time we realized...

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Magento 2.2 release: what Amasty expects

Hello, Amasty blog readers! Magento 2 has just celebrated its first birthday. From its very beginning, we at Amasty started developing Magento 2 extensions, and now we have 57 tools available at our store. That’s almost five products a month on average! We don’t know if Magento will continue releasing 2.1.X versions or will jump to Magento 2.2 version soon – but looks like after the New Year we have a chance to see a new version. It’s not a surprise that for now Magento 2 is still in the phase of active improvement – I think that almost...

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Amasty is Exclusive Extension Development partner of Meet Magento NY 2016

Some great news has arrived! Amasty has become an Exclusive Extension Development partner of Meet Magento NY 2016. As a company that does care about the community and has organized two Meet Magentos in Belarus, as well as participated in a lot of events around the globe, we’re extremely proud to support one of the biggest conferences in the Meet Magento world. As always, we’re looking forward to the new business opportunities and meeting current and new partners there – everything that will help us make excellent extensions and provide Magento merchants with ultimate services. What is more, we’re...

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