What’s more beneficial? Fighting for new customers or increasing your chances to sell more to the existing ones?

Statistically speaking, acquiring a new customer costs 5-25% more than retaining an existing one. And if you manage to combine both approaches, you’ll gain even more profit and save in the process. Sounds tempting?

We believe it does. That is why we decided to turn back to our Magento 2 Automatic Related Products and make it just as beneficial for vendors, as it is for customers.



Magento 2 Automatic Related Products: what’s new?


#1 View all rules collected on a handy grid

Now all the existing rules for related, upsell and cross-sell products are stored on an easy-to-use grid. You won’t need to wander around your backend to find a rule. You can easily view and manage them right there.

#2 Manage cross-sell, upsell and related product rules right from admin

You can not only view but also manage your rules on the grid. Use the dropdown menu to Delete, Enable, Disable, Duplicate or Edit each rule or several rules in a click. You can also assign and change priorities via the grid. Note that only one rule can be used in one position. In case there are several rules, the one with the highest priority will be applied.


#3 Preview the list of products to be displayed

With the new version, you can preview the list of products to be displayed in the block under particular conditions.


The products are presented on another handy grid with Thumbnail, NameType and more provided for each product. You can also apply Filters to sort products by name, type, price, status and visibility.

#4 Modify your sales strategy based on relevant stats


Each rule is provided with a set of data crucial for block performance analysis. These data include rule type, position on the frontend, status, as well as statistics on views, clicks, orders made and revenue. With these data sets, you can evaluate the overall rule efficiency and detect beneficial steps for further campaigns.

With Magento 2 Automatic Related Products, you can change your sales strategy virtually on the go. As the key statistic indicators of rule efficiency are gathered in one place and tracked in real time, you’ll be able to view and analyze them without delay.

#5 Boost sales with Bundle Pack rules

Now you can stimulate your customers to buy a whole group of products as a bundle with a certain discount.


Setting Bundle Pack Rules takes 2 steps:

  • Enabling General settings. These settings provide for ample customization: you can set a certain period for the rule to be active, specify store views where it will work, and offer the promotion for a specific customer group.
  • Adding Main and Bundle products. Note that the products to select are provided on another easy-to-use grid with Thumbnail, Name, Type and more. This enables you to check and edit the selected products instantly.

Just like rules for cross-sells, upsells and related products, Bundle Pack rules are gathered on a handy grid. You can manage these rules right from the grid as well.magento-2-auto-related-grid

And here’s how this promotion type looks on the frontend (product page):


Summing up

We continuously work on improving our products to make them cater to the needs of both shoppers and store owners. Now the latter can use real-time analytics to reconsider and reset sales and promotions on the fly.

Do you see some room for further improvements?

We value your opinion, so please drop us a line below.

Stay tuned.

Stop digging for clues – combine products based on your real site stats!