Best Christmas adverts of 2015

The times when TV ads could be seen only on the blue TV screens in the middle of living rooms, is gone. Today a video ad is a multi-channel way of reaching customer’s mind and a center or the whole Christmas/New Year campaign.

And it’s not classic advertising any more. Years ago, it was enough to show the product in a beautiful scenery and to demonstrate its usage:


Christmas adverts of 2015 are different thanks to their complexity. They are unique pieces of art, designed to tell stories, touch people’s hearts and fill them with emotions. And also they’re fighting for virality, including spending billion dollars on shooting the videos and promoting them virtually everywhere. As usual, the most powerful ads are produced by British companies – their Christmas TV ads have become a national sport.

Today we have collected the best Christmas adverts of 2015 holiday season, produced by e-commerce shops. Our goal was to show not only traditional heart-warming Christmas videos, but also a couple of funny movies as well. Lean back and enjoy the holiday spirit with us!

1. Sainsbury’s official Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

This video has more than 18 million views as of the 1st of Dec. A funny story of a very clumsy but adorable cat Mog, which almost put the house into a complete mess and then saved the day again – by bringing the whole neighborhood together helping the family get prepared for the festive evening, because Christmas is for sharing.

2. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 – #ManOnTheMoon

This touching ad is about those who are often excluded from happiness and joy of the holiday season – the elderly people who were forgotten by their relatives. Or their children are just too busy to come and celebrate Christmas with them. These holy days are about love, and everybody deserves to feel loved and cared of.


3. Mulberry Christmas Advert 2015 – #MulberryMiracle

We are told that things and possessions don’t bring us happiness. But that’s not true: things actually make us happy, when dear people give us presents and their love.

4. The Body Shop­ Christmas Advert 2015: Jingle Bells

NSFW! Body Shop presents a funny ad featuring people singing in the shower and having jingle bells fun. Christmas is not only turkey and presents, after all. And we all enjoy bathroom acoustics from time to time, right?

5. Currys Christmas Advert – TURKEY | Spare the Act

Currys created a series of hilarious Christmas videos featuring Jeff Goldblum (yes, please!). Jeff intrudes typical family situations and asks people to be kind and sweet to their nearest and dearest. And there’s no way you can avoid his charm – just do what he asks to.


6. Harvey Nichols Christmas Advert 2015 – Avoid #GiftFace

Do you know what’s a giftface? It’s a face you make when you receive a weird present. Or just another pair of socks. Or a deer sweater. Harvey Nichols has some serious suggestions for presents that make people happy.

7. #WhatTheFox – Oddbins Christmas Video Advert

Are you the one who hates Christmas? Maybe you need a fox to fix things up. Oddbins shares a funny movie about the man who was angry about festive stuff, but the imaginary companion showed him the real value of this holiday.

8. Not On the High Street Christmas Advert – Not like other gifts

Giving great presents is an art of love, says Not On the High Street. We all want to receive something special and expect magic when opening the gift box.

9. Anchor Christmas Advert 2015 – Little Elephant

No morals or advice, just a very short merry cartoon about holiday zen.

10. The Lidl School of Christmas Advert 2015

To make sure your Christmas will be the merriest day of the year, you have to prepare correctly.  Maybe you have to attend a couple of classes in a very special school! Untangling Christmas lights workshop is a serious skill, don’t forget to put that into your CV.


What’s your favorite Christmas advertisement this season?