Ecommerce blogs are getting more popular among online entrepreneurs worldwide. If you have ever wondered about the reasons for such popularity, then this article is for you. Here you will learn about:

  • main indicators of the eCommerce market;
  • key options for starting a successful estore;
  • primary reasons to subscribe to eCommerce blogs;
  • the top-ranked eCommerce blogs (in alphabetical order).

Hopefully, having read this article, you will be able to pick a few blogs with content that appeals to you and is relevant to your current online project. Read up on eCommerce and keep your e-business running!

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eCommerce Market: Growth or Slowdown?

There is great news for people who are currently planning to enter the online market. The share of global eCommerce sales is growing and the bottom line is that there are no limits to this growth. According to Remarkety, more than a half of Internet users (about 1 billion people) choose to buy online at least once a year. Statista claims that the retail eCommerce sales worldwide will reach 2.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2018. BigCommerce states that the average yearly sum spent by an online shopper is more than 400 U.S. dollars. Numbers speak for themselves, don’t they? So, if you want to have your piece of the eCommerce pie too, keep on reading!

Starting a Successful Store Online

Now that you know that the growth of eCommerce is almost guaranteed, you might want to launch an online shop yourself. Where would you start? In fact, you have two options. These are either a custom-built website or an off-the-shelf CMS. Let’s look into these options more closely and see what they represent.

If you opt for a custom-built estore, you need to understand that its quality will largely depend on the web design agency you choose. Another deciding factor will be the price you are prepared to pay. When choosing a custom website, you also need to take into consideration the fact that you will constantly feel dependent on external support. Sooner or later you will need to edit a detail or two about your estore, and every single time you will have to turn to the web agency for help. Not that great, right?

As for the off-the-shelf CMS, you may find this option better simply because it allows you to create an eCommerce website yourself at a reasonable price. At TemplateMonster we believe that you deserve to see first  what you are going to buy. Being renowned for a ground-breaking approach to website development, our company has a unique opportunity to summarize the best eCommerce practices on a global scale. As a result, we can guarantee the excellent pre- and post-purchase experience for every entrepreneur looking for eCommerce templates. To paraphrase a famous song of Tina Turner, eCommerce templates from TemplateMonster are as good as the best and much better than the rest of the CMS on the market.

Why Subscribe to eCommerce Blogs?

Let’s assume you already have the online shop of your dreams. How do you keep it running? You stay in touch and remain informed about the latest trends of the online market. And here eCommerce blogs come in handy.
There are many reasons to choose eCommerce blogs as information sources. First of all, unlike the traditional media like magazines, most eCommerce blogs are free. Moreover, blogs are more accessible than the printed press in our era of smartphones and tablets. You can choose what time and space to use to learn about the latest trends of the online market.  What is more, eCommerce blogs are easy to navigate, so you are not limited in terms of time and space. Some eCommerce blogs even offer their online visitors an opportunity  to listen to podcasts concerning most challenging topics. How great is this?
So, in this article, we have gathered the best eCommerce blogs to help you in the turbulent universe of online sales!amasty-promo-code

Top-Ranked eCommerce Blogs

A Better Lemonade Stand


As the bloggers from A Better Lemonade Stand say, their main goal is to inspire and support young vendors. This blog stands out among other eCommerce blogs thanks to the search options it offers. You can choose either to filter posts by topics or by phases that your online shop is in, i.e. building, launching, or growing. This eCommerce blog is supported by a fast-growing community of more than 30,000 followers, which is quite remarkable. Also, it offers free online eCommerce training for novices. One more feature that makes this eCommerce blog special is the quality of their monthly reviews. These reviews can actually save you tons of time while preserving the most important information about modern eCommerce.

Aion Hill

If you are looking for eCommerce blogs of the highest quality, you will definitely find the eCommerce blog from Aion Hill very helpful. This blog is comparatively young but looks very promising thanks to the deep analysis you find on most of its eCommerce-related posts. With Aion Hill, you will learn a lot about eCommerce case studies, link-building techniques, product videos etc. You get to enjoy the professionally looking infographics as well.


The posts on BigCommerce are a perfect place to find the immediate answer to any issue related to eCommerce as a concept. Their ideas for enterprises, small businesses, and B2B are quite realistic and can be implemented on the fly. The main advantage of BigCommerce is the diversity of topics they cover. You will surely enjoy their search options with eight different categories which include eCommerce Design, eCommerce Marketing, How To Sell Online, Shipping & Fulfillment etc. They even have a category tagged as Success Stories, which is really inspirational for beginners. Learn more about modern consumer habits, growing brands, and ways to increase your conversion rates.


If you need a positive looking and practical guide to eCommerce, here is ChannelAdvisor. This online instrument is created for tracking the latest developments in the eCommerce world. It is also capable of shedding light on the trends for the future of the online market. If choosing ChannelAdvisor, you automatically opt for more than 250 pages of posts, each of which would be invaluable to any modern entrepreneur. This eCommerce blog also contains a Resources section which comprises Resource Library, Webinars, and Customer Success.


Convert is what you need in case you still have fear of words like conversion, SEO, and SMM. Easy to navigate, this blog can actually function like a guide for pumping up your business knowledge in general and your conversion skills in particular. Every post on this blog clarifies an eCommerce-related issue with the consideration of paying attention both to reasons and the consequences of the issue. For instance, here you will learn how Magento plugins or psychological triggers are linked to your conversion rate. Once you are given an insight into what this link is, you will also be taught how to use the above-mentioned plugins and triggers to their fullest extent.

eCommerce Fuel

If you are fond of podcasts, then visit eCommerce Fuel. This blog allows you not only to read relevant articles about eCommerce but also to listen to them. It is very useful for busy entrepreneurs who know the real value of time. This eCommerce blog has a very detailed navigation menu with thirteen eCommerce-related categories, such as Case Studies, Store Owner Profiles, Buying & Selling Stores etc. Thanks to these categories both experienced online vendors and beginners can get a clear picture of what today’s online market is all about. Keeping pace with the online market news has never been easier!

eCommerce Times

As with any other “Times magazine”, eCommerce Times is aimed at vendors who take their online business very seriously. This blog is packed with tips from the top eCommerce professionals. Here you will find information about the trends of the online market, its challenges, different software for estores, the modern trends in SMM etc. As you can see from the website’s menu, the E-Commerce tab contains even a separate section for challenges concerning Piracy, which is quite unconventional.

eCommerce Training Academy

The blog from ECommerce Training Academy is an instrument to use in case you need to develop tactics for growing your online business from scratch. Aimed at any businessperson, this blog will help you to master all the eCommerce-related concepts, including the art of choosing an attention-grabbing subject line! It may strike you that most posts on this eCommerce blog are written by one person, namely Alaa Hassan. Be that  as it may, the blog is undoubtedly worth  following.


Opt for Econsultancy  if you need a quick answer to any problematic question about how Google and social media influence eCommerce. In fact, as an online vendor, you should be interested in all posts with an “eCommerce” tag. That being said, it also makes sense to cast a look at other tags. There are 200 of them, by the way (very impressive, right?). From the tag list, it is clear that the top-rated topics of this blog are Google with 1657 posts, Social Media with 1392 posts, and Facebook with 1215 posts as of today.

Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer from Digital eCommerce 360 is an online magazine to which you might want to subscribe right now. First of all, this magazine is free. Also, it is packed with ideas for online entrepreneurs of all types. Read about various eCommerce-oriented topics to become a real guru of the online business. If viewed as a whole, this blog has one big disadvantage. The truth is that its posts are mainly about the U.S. online market. Of course, for U.S. online entrepreneurs, this focus on their country can be really advantageous.


HubSpot is your #1 choice if you need an inspiring idea for your eCommerce website. The blogging team from HubSpot cares about your time management. That is why they wisely sort their posts into categories, like Most Popular and Editor’s Picks. Moreover, they always mention the time you need to read a post. Very thoughtful of them! After scrolling a bit, you will be surprised to see that the blog from HubSpot contains three sub-blogs, each aimed at a separate business-related topic. Who would see this coming? These sub-blogs are Marketing Blog, Sales Blog, and Customer Success Blog.


PracticalEcommerce is a reliable platform for both experienced online entrepreneurs and novices. In other words, even if you have zero eCommerce expertise, you will still manage to keep up with the current trends in the online market. If you test out this eCommerce blog, you will see that the range of topics it covers is truly remarkable. In the event you are ready to pay for instructional videos, you can also enjoy the online seminars that Practical Ecommerce offers. The topics available at the moment are How to Change eCommerce Platforms and How to Select Shipping Carriers for eCommerce.

Shopify eCommerce Blog

You should definitely read Shopify for eCommerce in the event you are planning to start a long-running project online. The blog is full of ideas that relate to all the common challenges of modern eCommerce websites. What is more, Shopify’s eCommerce blog  is a perfect platform not only for reading about the ABC of eCommerce and online sales but also for finding free online tutorials and podcasts. To tell the truth, it is very difficult to stay unbiased and not to pick favourites after getting to know the blog from Shopify.

Social Triggers

If you want to learn about eCommerce-related topics and enjoy some irony at the same time, visit Social Triggers. The tone of most posts here is far from a tutoring one, unlike most eCommerce blogs. Due to this unconventional tone, you will enjoy learning about the most difficult challenges of the modern online market. The key blogger here is Derek Halpern who is said to have enough expertise to advise not only on the eCommerce but also life in general.

Store Growers

Unlike most eCommerce blogs, this one has a name that speaks for itself. With Store Growers, you will be able to concentrate on one issue at a time, thus allowing you to digest all the information at your own pace. The eCommerce posts are spiced up with thought-provoking imagery, which is very helpful for beginner online vendors. If you choose to subscribe to this blog, you will notice that Store Growers do not publish posts as often as some of us would wish. But every time they do, you are given a piece of advice that guarantees you some growth in your online presence.

So, now it is your turn to choose the eCommerce blogs that look appealing and conquer the online world with your business strategy!