We continue introducing Amasty partners! This time we’ve interviewing David, a Director at Best Response Media. The company provides innovative Magento e-commerce and digital marketing solutions from their offices in Central London.

Best Response Media joined Amasty Partner Program a while ago, and we can’t wait to introduce the company to our readers.

Best Response Media director

 – Could you please tell us a little bit more about Best Response Media?

We were founded in 2009 and since then we have worked on hundreds of Magento e-commerce design and development projects and digital marketing campaigns. We are a full service e-commerce digital agency, which means that we offer an end to end digital service for our clients. We have a team of 25 in our Central London office that provides a range of digital services including: UX design and Magento development, Magento support, SEO, PPC, CRO and email marketing. Our team are all extremely passionate about digital and helping our clients to achieve success online. All of our Magento developers are constantly pushing to improve their skill set and knowledge of the platform. This results in our sites always getting faster and more efficient in the use of code.

 – What is your company’s core advantage when it comes to e-commerce development and services?

Being a full service digital agency means that all of our teams are involved in the design and development of a new Magento website.

We have encountered scenarios where a project has been developed by an agency that does not have an in-house SEO team, which has resulted in a site that misses some key SEO fundamentals and in some cases, the migration has not been implemented effectively, which could result in a significant loss of rankings.

When we have a new project, key stakeholders from each team will sit down to plan it out. Everything will be considered from user experience for maximizing conversions, to SEO considerations as well as design requirements and how they could impact overall site performance. We give our clients the confidence that they have the weight of an experienced eCommerce digital marketing team behind their project that will maximize its chances of success.

 – Please tell us a little bit more about your Magento training services. Do you offer online or offline training? Do small Magento shop owners or more of enterprise level employees come to learn?

Our training services are extremely flexible based on the requirements of the particular client. We have a training facility at our Central London offices and are also able to provide training on-site and online.

The courses will be tailored based on the client’s requirements, for example, a manager will be more interested in reporting, whereas a site administrator will need to understand the day to day tasks such as adding products and processing orders. But even with these differences, our trainers will tailor the course to the technical expertise of the audience.

 – Do you remember how and why your company has started working with Magento?

We consolidated our efforts a number of years ago on Magento as there was a huge demand from the market for websites on this particular platform. Our developers all had a preference for working with Magento and it made sense for us to focus on one platform from a business perspective.

We are really pleased that we made this decision as it is a fantastic platform that is supported by a really strong community of developers and users.


 – Can you share the most unusual project you’ve worked on?

The most unusual project that we worked on was probably an integration that we built between Magento and Barclays Partner Finance.

A client sold big ticket items and wanted to offer an option for customers to apply for finance at the checkout. There are some finance companies that provide a Magento extension, however, their preferred provider, Barclays Partner Finance did not have an integration out of the box. We therefore had to build something out of the box for them. It was quite unusual as due to the nature of the operation, there were many rounds of approval that needed to be given before it was signed off by Barclays. We managed to meet the end process and it was very satisfying for the team to achieve this.

Best Response Media case studies

 – Can you share the most difficult project you’ve worked on?

I would say that one of the most challenging projects that we worked on would be a modification that we needed to make to one of your extensions! We needed to modify the Amasty Product Parts Finder extension so that we could implement an integration with the DVLA in the UK.

This offered their customers the opportunity to enter their UK vehicle license plate and that would bring up their vehicle along with logo and then allow them to select the relevant parts. The same customization also had to fully customize the display to provide vehicle logos that could be selected instead of using a drop down.

This customization project was extremely challenging, but our developers managed to achieve exactly what they needed.

 – When did you start working with Magento 2 and where are you now in this area of development?

Our developers started working with the beta release of Magento 2 from 2015.


This was a gradual process until the official launch later on in 2015. Since then, we have spent a lot of time familiarising ourselves with the code and new structure to where we are today. It is still not where we want it to be, but it is a lot better than the initial launch. We have a number of Magento 2 projects in development that we expect to launch soon.

 – Based on experience of your company, do you feel continuous and raising demand of Magento 2 services, especially when it comes to transition from M1 to M2? Or are the merchants still hesitant about switching their platforms en masse?

The demand for Magento 2 is growing, but it is still small in comparison to the entire Magento user base. There is definitely an appetite for migrating to the platform, but most experienced merchants are approaching with caution.

We thank David for sharing his thoughts about the market and telling us about the company! Looking forward to fruitful partnership, as always.