Big Full Page Cache update: Cache Crawler added

Good day to everyone! Big news on our bestseller extension – Full Page Cache was updated to 1.3.0. We added a special feature that’s dedicated to making your store even faster: Cache Crawler is now available for FPC users.

What is Cache Crawler?

Full Page Cache Crawler is needed for so-called warming the cache. The pages with a big number of visits take more time and server resources during the first request for cache generation, but all the following requests are performed faster on the second try, because the site displays already generated content, the page cache.

Thus, to make these rather time and resources consuming operations invisible for users, the crawler is designed to crawl and request these pages during the night, when the number of store visitors is minimal.

How does warming cache help my Magento store?

And when the time of the traffic spike comes, cache is ready and the website is working much faster, as the server displays ready-to-be-seen content and is not generating it from scratch.

Basically, the main idea of this tool is to generate cache when the server loading is minimal, and your server capacity is not used.

 How does Magento Cache Crawler work?

Cache Crawler is a complex solution, but here’s a simple explanation of how cache warming works: the extension sorts and chooses pages that need to be cached first off, adds them to the queue, and then processes the queue using cron.

The chosen pages are generated emulating various combinations of parameters and then are cached.

Magento Full Page Cache crawler combination settings

Each of the steps can be configured, there are lots of settings you could make use of.
Magento Full Page Cache Crawler settings

What is more, Full Page Cache Crawler shows you all the necessary stats and logs so you can control the process.
Magento Full Page Cache logsMagento Full Page Cache Crawler visual stats


To get even more understanding of how Cache Crawler goes, feel free to read the manual:

How to get the updates?

You can easily download the updated extensions in your account, if your support period is active, or get the update with a 50% discount if not.

If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll quickly help you out.