Better Order Management ExtensionSick and tired of tedious time consuming operations with orders? Stop wasting tons of your precious time on order processing! Our new Better Order Management module will visibly enhance your productivity providing you with a whole range of tools for order management optimization.

The module allows viewing order info with extended order grid, performing mass order actions and adding any order related files to orders. Now it will take you just a couple of minutes to perform your routine tasks.

Keep order operations under control

With the extension you can easily prioritize orders marking them with different flag types on the order grid and store all order-related files in your Magento. These options will help you avoid any delivery mistakes and keep all important information at hand.

Save your time and enhance productivity

How much time do you usually spend on order editing, capturing payments or applying actions? It’s better save this time for more important tasks and let Magento Better Order Manager module do all the order processing  work  for you.

Take advantage of the module features:

  • Add additional columns with order related info like shipping code, payment method and coupon code to the grid. You can also add to the grid columns with product related data: name, price, sku or any other product attribute.
  • Perform any order processing actions like sending invoices, creating shipments with tracking numbers and capturing payments in bulk right on the order grid.
  • Easily set up the priority for orders marked with color flags.
  • Create color flags in addition to default ones.
  • Attach any order-related files to the order grid and then see them on the order view.
  • Quickly search and sort ordered products by any attributes, order priority, attached data, etc.
  • Adjust order greed display to your needs.

Of course, this is not the complete list of features this multitask module offers to you.  In order to find the detailed description as well as the live demo and a user guide, please visit the official Better Order Management page.