Hey to Amasty blog readers!

We’re opening up a new opportunity that will hopefully increase your convenience when getting to know and use Amasty extensions.

Now, if you buy three or more Amasty extensions, you’re getting 3 months of free additional support for each product purchased.

The additional support months will be added to your cart automatically once you have three or more extensions chosen. The extra free support period will be added regardless of the support period option you’re picking with your products:

additional support

After the purchase, the extra 3 months support period will be added to each of the ordered products, which will be seen on the orders page of the customer account.

Each extension you buy from Amasty goes with a default of 3 months free support. However, when a merchant gets more than 3 extensions, he or she might need even more time to understand how each tool works and how to combine all of the modules together. That’s why we’re adding the option described above. Now you’re having more time to talk to our support department if needed.

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