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We’ll omit usual praises (and blames, maybe) for Magento itself, advancing straight to the extension descriptions.

It’ll save some time – and this article is all about saving time with the help of these new modules, so why not?

How to save time on creating Magento 2 upsells & cross-sells?

Upcoming plugin: Product Option Templates for Magento 2

Purpose: help you assign multiple matching products and/or services to many products at once.

As current marketing tendencies teach us, any product can have a related item of sorts.

Magento itself offers robust mechanisms for adding such items into your store’s catalog and for linking them with each other.


It often happens that the item you’d like to use is either too small to have a dedicated product page or unfit for a product page at all (due to being a service, for example.) Magento does offer a tool for assigning such semi-products to fully-fledged products as custom options. The difficulty is, each relevant product has to be updated with such an option independently, which can be rather tedious.

Use Case

Say, you sell TV sets, and you need to add an optional extended warranty to each TV set model’s product page in your catalog. Manually. One at a time. And repeat it on dozens (or even hundreds) of product pages.

A poor person who is to do that will have the least exciting hours in their life, believe me.

And now imagine that the warranty price changes all of a sudden. The same task all over again…

Not anymore 😉


With Product Option Templates, all that person needs is to:

  • Create a new custom options template at any relevant product page;
  • In that template, add the custom option for an extended warranty as if it were a usual Magento custom option;
  • Save the product;
  • Filter out TV sets on the Products Grid;
  • Add that new option template to each TV set via Mass Update;
  • Upon the nearest scheduled update, each selected product will receive its extended warranty option.

Altering the option name, price or changing it with another option (e.g.: a free remote control) for each TV set will be even quicker. Just open any TV set product page, edit the template custom option, save the product – and upon the nearest scheduled update the option will be altered for all products which use this option template.

The story above can be relevant for any store, any product – TV sets and extended warranty, shoes and shoelaces, jewelry and jewelry boxes, virtually anything. Why fighting the dull, uncreative work if you can avoid it entirely?

How to save time on changing Magento 2 product pricing?

Upcoming plugin: Magento 2 Product Supplements & Surcharges

Purpose: assistance with adding numerous processing surcharges to a number of products at once.

Processing an order is a very important task the time length of which may vary greatly.

However, some customers may find it acceptable to pay for faster order processing and/or shipping – and Magento itself allows making such exceptions most of the time.


While Magento itself does offer plenty of shipping options allowing for extra-charged faster shipping, surcharged faster processing may require a bit too much effort to be configured conveniently. One does not simply process any order faster. Some products are either too cheap to be worth the effort or simply unsuitable for the speedy shipping.

Use Case

Let’s use a bakery as an example. A small pie can be delivered to a hungry customer within a few hours at any time. On the other hand, baking and delivering a huge cake takes some extra effort and time. It may take the whole day. Allowing quicker order processing for any order, even for a higher price, is not an option here.

If it’s possible to order cake delivery within an hour, sooner or later there will be a customer who orders it. Even if there will be warnings about the impossibility to get the cake earlier than 24 hours since the purchase all over the bakery’s site. That customer will be dissatisfied with the bakery’s service upon purchase.

While built-in Magento custom options may help with preventing such mishaps, it’ll be just as “fast” as adding warranties to TV sets manually.


With Product Supplements & Surcharges, allowing faster delivery to particular products will only require the following steps:

  • At any pie product configuration page, create a new surcharge template;
  • In that template, define quicker delivery options. Please see the examples:

(a) no need to hurry (within a day) – $0;

(b) it should be hot (3 hours) – $5;

(c) I’m starving, ASAP! (1 hour) – $10.

  • Save the product;
  • In the Product Grid, select only pies you’d like to allow to be sold with faster delivery;
  • With a new Mass Edit option, select and apply that new template to each and every pie selected;
  • Upon the nearest cron run, each pie you marked fit for quicker delivery will have that option added;
  • And that’s it, the pies are ready to be sold and delivered ahead of the usual delivery schedule.

The Product Supplements & Surcharges is not limited to adding such additional prices. Check out the list of possible tasks below.

  • If your store offers samples with some expensive products, such supplements can be added likewise.
  • If you’d like to make a packaging choice mandatory for a number of products – no problem, the mod can handle it.
  • Adding an option to upload a custom image to be printed on an ordered T-shirt? Possible too, and in bulk.

With our extension, your customer takes the cake as soon as it’s ready, no need to cherry-pick suitable products all over the shop catalog all day long.

Bonus for attentive readers

You’ve probably noticed that, while having somewhat different goals, Product Option Templates and Product Supplements & Surcharges have many things in common. And with a touch of creativity, both can be used to meet many additional goals. Check out the list:

Issuing free samplers with particular products? Both can do it.

Allowing to add custom text for a unique engraving? Both can do it.

Possibility to buy consumables along with the main product? Both can do it!

Highlighting more expensive option while hiding another, less preferable? Well, we have it covered too.

The truth is, one extension can be used for the other extension tasks. Buying one will bring you all the perks from having both – equally efficient without any extra cost.

Not sure if it fits your requirements? Drop us a request, and we’ll check it asap.

Have some greater and/or more exotic goal in mind, for which our extensions are not suitable yet? Request a feature. We’ll keep it in mind when planning upcoming releases.

Your feedback matters.  Without it, we’ll be unable to deliver the solutions you’d like to use for strengthening your business.

Thank you in advance!

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