Are you striving to boost sales in your Magento 2 store, but the stats are always lower than you expected?

Luckily, today merchants have a range of ready-made efficient tools, such as Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs). The key benefit of CSEs is that they help boost store exposure and sales to e-commerce businesses of any scale.

Below we offer top 10 CSE for 2018 along with a 10-page manual on how to (a) reduce the cost of feed generation and  (b) get the most from CSEs.

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UPDATED: eBay shut their Commerce Network (ECN), click to learn more.

How to get your product feed approved on the first try?

We have prepared a complete 10-page guide and ready to share it with you absolutely for free. The secret is we take care about our customers and desing extensions to help you shortcut the way from Magento configurations to the net profit.

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10 most in-demand CSEs

Just skip the list if you’ve already made the choice.


#1 Google Shopping

google comparison shopping engine

Google Shopping is a top CSE tycoon generously offering tremendous growth opportunities in 2019. No wonder: Google Shopping is tightly connected with Google search results and Google Adwords, an ad platform. Here you can find some tips on how to optimize your google shopping campaign.

#2 Amazon

amazon comparison shopping engine

And here comes another comparison giant. Listing with Amazon is seemingly simple – just set up an account, load your prods database, and set a daily budget.

#3 Bing Shopping

bing comparison shopping engine

New to CSEs? Then Bing shopping will make a good choice for you, as it spares you all the hurdles and pitfalls of just getting listed. And it will list you for free. Just be sure to schedule the battle wisely – new merchant’s feeds aren’t accepted in hot seasons (like Christmas, oops!).

#4 Nextag

nextag comparison shopping engine

Selling many unrelated products? Then Nextag is the right place for you. Here you can list anything, from common retail items to event tickets.

#5 Shopzilla

Shopzilla comparison shopping engine

Since 1996, this CSE has a proven record of connecting shoppers and businesses across the USA and Europe. Over 100 mln products listed, about 50 mln visitors a month. It’s worth trying.

#6 Become

become comparison shopping engine

Simple and still efficient, Become will help you provide advanced shopping experience showing user reviews and prices in one location.

#7 PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber comparison shopping engine

With this CSE, you’ll meet two needs in one sleek deed – get listed in the CSE and Yahoo Shopping. Besides, you’ll get an additional source of insights – a market report showcasing pricing trends per products.

#8 Bizrate

bizrate comparison shopping engine

Bizrate is definitely worth trying, as it focuses not on price comparison as such, but on the shopper in for comparison. The platform features best prices for shoppers and ranks search results depending on that factor. For you as a retailer, this CSE may turn very useful: you can monitor your competitors’ prices and reset yours accordingly.

#9 Pronto

Pronto comparison shopping engine

Another top CSE that boasts over 60 million visitors per month. As usual, listing boils down to submitting a product feed, and if you get in, your visibility and presence at the market will be boosted.

#10 Shopping

Shopping comparison engine shoes is powered by eBay, and the powers of eBay multiplied by the shopper-oriented approach can definitely move mountains provided that you have a good product feed.

Important! On May 1, 2019, eBay shut their Commerce Network (ECN) built around and “parked” the latter to decide on its future. The vendors are strongly encouraged to shift to eBay Promoted Listing Ads for advertising.

So you’ve chosen CSEs, uploaded product feeds for various campaigns and got listed?

Great, but, you know, your work doesn’t finish at this point.

Actually, an efficient campaign requires constant monitoring to address upcoming issues timely and minimize the damage.


7 Basic CSE campaign strategies

Here are 7 basic strategies you’d better keep in head for getting good sales, not just one more product list:

  • Schedule ad display;
  • Add negative keywords;
  • Add the list of remarketing audience;
  • Add SEO keywords to product titles;
  • Segment the campaign by product types;
  • Segment the campaign by query type;
  • Segment the campaign by location.

When implemented wisely and on time, these optimization strategies can work wonders. However, they only work on correctly set product feeds. Otherwise, they are just a waste of time and resources.