Browsing forums, we came across a recurring problem or rather, a request from Magento store owners addressed to extension vendors to develop Magento 1 and Magento 2 modules with the same set of features or, at least, indicate what M1 version features are duplicated in the M2 one.

We completely understand your concerns, especially when we are talking about M1EOL and M1 to M2 migration, and, therefore, have prepared a comparison table of our flagman Magento 1/Magento 2 Layered Navigation extensions.

We now test the type of content, so, if you find the comparison table useful and want to see more, please share what extensions you’d like us to cover next time in the comments below.


M1 Improved Navigation vs M2 Improved Navigation

#1. Filters

34% of shoppers said that too complicated website navigation is the most frustrating aspect in online shopping.

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
filter products by attributes (price, manufacturer, color)
set positions for filters in a block
fold/unfold filter options

set the number of unfolded options

show/hide dependent filter options
one or multiple options to choose
’Apply filters’\’Show’  button for multiple options
radio buttons for single-choice filters

by default

filters display options

images only, labels only, drop-down list

labels, drop-down, images, images and labels, test swatches

gather filter options into groups
exclude attribute from the navigation

include attributes to use them as navigation filters

vertical and horizontal filter blocks
add swatches to filters
select different values of the same filter
add search box and tooltips to filters
add vertical scroll to the vertical filter block
quick AJAX filtering
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#2. Price sliders and other numeric filters

89% of online customers make a purchase based on a price factor.

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
price filter modes (default; dropdown; from-to only; slider)
remove price filter from specified categories
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#3. ‘Shop by’ options

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
’On sale’, ‘New’, ‘Top-rated’, ‘In-stock’ products

as separate attributes

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#4. Shop by brand

 61% of shoppers won’t finish their purchase because the trust brands are missing.

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
alphabetical block of brands

featured brands

all brands slider

filters with brand logos in the navigation block

brand filter in the left or top navigation menu

brand page with unique content
single or multiple brand selections in the navigation
brands display modes (images and labels; labels only; images only; drop-down list; labels in 2 columns)

except drop-down list; labels in 2 columns

brand logo on a product page
use any attribute instead of ‘brand'
display logos on catalog pages
brand tooltip on product, category, all-brand page

you can add a tooltip for a category, however you can’t for a brand (attribute)

’More from’ a brand block
brands drop-down menu in the main navigation
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#5. Advanced category menu

 43% of online shoppers consider customer experience as a driving factor for their loyalty.

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
category display modes

default; dropdown; menu with

sub-categories; 2-level tree

dropdown, labels

configure category depth
display product quantity
show subcategories with thumbnails
hide/move category filters
multiselect categories option
show subcategories in a category tree
slider with subcategories thumbnails
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#6. SEO settings

54% of online shoppers search for products on search engine first.

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
short brand URLs
custom meta title and description for pages with selected attributes
multi-language titles and descriptions
canonical URL structure
customizable URLs
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#7. Improved navigation

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
display relevant configurable product images (simple) on the results page
show the dependent attribute only when the parent one is selected
add attribute tooltips
use separate cache management for attributes
all products page with the full product list
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#8. Additional options

FeaturesMagento 1Magento 2
add layered navigation to home or any CMS page
category breadcrumbs
change filter values on the fly
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If you’re a starting business or simply don’t need so many features, go to our Lite and Shop by Brand navigations.

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