Hi, dear blog reader,

you’ve already guessed what we’re to talk about. We assure you that we won’t scare anyone with the latest statistics on the global economic crisis, large drop in sales and the number of people affected by the virus but suggest solutions for your business.

Recently, we’ve made an appeal for our clients as the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world worsens, Amasty is taking action to ensure our employees’ safety and the continuity of business operation. Our staff is now working remotely and has willingly adopted self-isolation as means of protecting each other and the people around us. We are working to ensure uninterrupted service to you, hoping that the situation will not impact your experience with us.

We also feel that we must contribute to the cause of lessening the impact of the quarantine as much as we can. To do so, we will cooperate closely with the e-сommerce businesses involved in the distribution of essential goods and medical supplies. We offer every such business special terms of cooperation in the hope that it will eventually help people order and receive such goods with the least risk of exposure to the virus.

Namely: For all e-commerce businesses involved in medical supplies, we will deliver any of the Amasty extensions such businesses require free of charge.

For all other businesses trading in essential goods, including food delivery services, we will provide case-specific offers, conditions and assistance.

If you are the owner of such a business, please contact us at partners@amasty.com to take part in this initiative. If you know other businesses that may benefit from it – please spread the word.

Extensions to overcome the loss of profit on the stay-at-home regime

Governments are calling their people for staying at home that will greatly reduce the overall amount of infection the household could pass on to others in the community.

The stay-at-home regime increases the demand for home deliveries.

To date, the in-home contactless delivery at Amazon is practically deadlocked and even here, in Minsk, the delivery of the most popular grocery chain was down for the count due to the huge pickup in demand.

To help you eliminate problems with delivery, we made the list of tried M2 shipping extensions that can be of use right now.

3 pillars of shipping

Shipping Rules (from $199)

The module modifies the delivery costs calculated by both Magento 2 and Amasty Shipping Table Rates.

  • set shipping rules based on product, order, cart attributes/customer groups, store views;
  • apply shipping rules based on customer’s address information;
  • set custom shipping rates per products, product groups, orders, locations and conditions;
  • add surcharge, deduce/override rates provided by carriers;
  • set countries for which to apply a shipping method;
  • non-numeric postcodes support is included;
  • the number of shipping rules is unlimited.

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See how to set up free shipping for a particular product in the shipping guide.

Shipping Table Rates (from $199)

The module creates an extra shipping carrier in Magento and adds new shipping methods.

  • create custom shipping methods and rates;
  • make custom shipping methods available for specific stores, customer groups;
  • create custom shipping rates for a product, product groups;
  • show shipping time for each shipping method;
  • enable free shipping for particular shipping types;
  • non-numeric postcodes support is included;
  • the number of shipping rules is unlimited.

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 See how to configure the extension for alphanumeric postcodes and the rates dependent on the destination, weight, size, price, the number of items, or the combination of all these parameters.

Shipping Restrictions (from $159)

The module provides flexible restriction options based on preset conditions.

  • block specific shipping methods of a carrier;
  • create restrictions based on product attributes, order information, customer groups, store views, coupons, etc.

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 See how to restrict a delivery outside Canada in this shipping guide.

Looks like you need all the 3 modules? Save 10% on the purchase with the Shipping Suite (from $499) that includes Shipping Rules, Table rates and Restrictions.

Complimentary shipping extensions: in-home delivery, cost calculator, store pickup, free shipping

Shipping Cost Calculator (from $119)

The module adds a smart shipping cost calculator to your product pages.

shipping cost calculator

Add a shipping cost calculator to your product pages to make users decide on the purchase faster. Hide the calculator for particular products, choose a suitable position on a page and design. All visitors need to indicate the final cost of a product is to set the country, region and zip code. Warn customers in case you don’t provide delivery to their area.

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Delivery Date (from $179)

The module adds ‘delivery date’ settings to the checkout page.

 delivery date

First off, with the module, you can set your e-store delivery plan, as well as delivery intervals. Adding the ‘delivery date’ block to the checkout, you let shoppers choose a suitable date and leave any comments. And again, there’s no need in development services as you can adjust the setting style for your e-store front independently.

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Store Pickup (from $129)

The module adds available store pick-up options to the checkout page.

store pickup

Changing the residence, not living alone, wishing to make a surprise present or simply saving on in-home delivery services, shoppers often choose store pickup. Add a store pickup option to your checkout, set the brick-and-mortar spots, show the checkout total with the money shoppers save on delivery or make the pickup available for registered customers only.

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Free Shipping Bar (from $99)

The module adds a banner bar to your store front saying how much money left until free shipping.

free shipping bar

Add a notable bar to your e-store front to indicate the amount of money left to have the products shipped for free, auto-update the cart total to show relevant information to customers. You don’t have to be a developer to adjust the bar design, as it goes with a highly-customizable setting and user-friendly preview mode.

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We do believe that only collectively we’ll manage to address the current pandemic crisis.

Still have questions on the free-of-charge Amasty’s extensions delivery?

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Our team wants all our customers and partners to know that we are always open to help you with business challenges that we can overcome together.