E-commerce training online. Coursers to become a better merchant

As any entrepreneur, e-merchants wear many hats: apart from general business knowledge, they need understanding of online and product marketing, tech, accounting, client management, various customer groups queries and more.

A shop owner can use many sources for education: degrees in educational establishments, books and blogs, consulting, online and offline trainings, participating in online and offline communities.

In this post we are focusing mainly on paid e-commerce online training sources, or free but quality ones. Also, I avoided sharing just e-commerce marketing online courses and low quality courses from Udemy.

We shouldn’t forget college and university degrees, but when it comes to small e-shops, the best place to learn e-commerce is where it happens – the Internet.

Coursera – Foundations of E-commerce

Coursera e-commerce online training

Length: 5 weeks

Topics covered: Business models, Strategies for Disrupting Industries and Markets, Online Architectures, Networks and their Dynamics, Democratization of Everything, Interpretive and Predictive Power of Concepts Coach: Vijay Sethi, Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Price: free

Coursera is the first place to search for quality online training!

This course won’t provide you with some practical and down-to-earth details, it’s rather an overview of the field to develop a general understanding of e-commerce as a business and its place in modern entrepreneurship.

More Coursera online training for e-commerce shop owners:

Platform training – Merchant Track from Magento, and more

Magento e-commerce training online

Length: 32 hours, available for 90 days

Topics covered: eCommerce with Magento, Managing Your Magento Store, Stepping up Sales with Magento Promotions and Discounts, Growing Your Business with SEO on Magento, Multisite Planning for Your Magento Stores

Coach: N/A

Price: $119

Popular e-commerce platforms offer online courses on using their instruments and on e-commerce aspects, such as managing the store, accounting in connection with platform features, and more.

For example, Magento offers several courses for merchants/marketers, and they are collected into one track, closely connected to Magento itself.

Note: Merchant Track is $119, it includes Managing Your Magento Store course, which is $1850 separately, which looks strange, and there’s no clear explanation to this price gap on the page.

The Insider’s Guide to Building an Online Store

ecommercefuel online course

Length: 20+ hours of videos

Topics covered: Legal steps for e-commerce business, niche picking and competition analysis, working with suppliers, building and launching a store, e-commerce marketing, AdWords campaign creation, maximizing profits and working with customers

Coach: Andrew Youderian, a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur with $1.3 million in last year sales, a blogger

Price: $599

Andrew Youderian offers a course that consists of videos, worksheets, spreadsheets, and checklists, including a three months Moz Pro membership and a 30 day money-back guarantee. This online e-commerce course is very comprehensive and includes information about all stages of creating an e-shop, covering such areas as legal and suppliers, which are often missed by most of the e-commerce guides. This is a great A-Z training course, and at the same time it can boast of more than just beginner level tips. Besides, there’s a cheaper Store Owner edition.

Google Analytics Academy – Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

Analytics Academy for e-commerce

Length: N/A

Topics covered: E-commerce analytics of shopping data and customer behavior

Coach: N/A

Price: Free

You should consider going through this course (and also other Analytics Academy coursers) even if someone is doing SEO, analytics and conversion optimization for you. This basic knowledge is a must for any e-commerce merchant who wants to understand the principles of acquiring customers and boosting revenue.

eCommerce Planning & Management Certificate

E-commerce planning and management certificate - online training course

Length: approximately 48-58 hours

Topics covered: Planning, developing for e-commerce – systems and tools, measurement & optimization, finding, retaining and developing customers, converting sales, operational management

Coach: Lorna Farrar, Director of Flying Lemur, a digital marketing and communications agency. She has over 15 years digital marketing experience, most recently with Microsoft, in Australia and their corporate headquarters in Seattle, USA.

Price: $1125

This is a professional online training course from ADMA – The Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising – the largest marketing body in Australia. You will get a certificate that is recognizable in the industry as well. Digital marketing is a focus of this course.

UPD: Unfortunately, the certificate is not available right now. However, ADMA offers a variety of other certificates on marketing.

Mobile Commerce – Digital Marketing Institute

Mobile commerce online training course

Length: N/A

Topics covered: mCommerce websites, mWallets, mPayments, mCoupons, and mVouchers, NFC, POS

Coach: N/A

Price: 299

This course is a part of Mobile Marketing Diploma Online course, however, this section is available for online training separately. Digital Marketing Institute is a famous education provider, and their online courses are definitely worth the money. What is more, there is a lack of legit m-commerce training courses online, and this one is definitely a source of valuable information, which will help you make use of mobile commerce for your online store.

E-commerce Fraud and Risks training courses

e-commerce fraud training online e-commerce risks training online






Length: 90 minutes each

Topics covered: e-commerce fraud and risks control

Coach: N/A

Price: $140, $200

These two online training courses are delivered by The Fraud Practice company, which provides consulting services, training and research on eCommerce payments, fraud prevention and credit granting. This is a rare topic in e-commerce, however, this knowledge can literally save you money, clients, and reputation.

Did you take any online training coursers in e-commerce? If yes, please share your experience with us.