landing-pagesWe’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression. Follow this rule whatever you do either meeting new people at a café or welcoming potential customers at your e-store. Your landing page is the first thing that tells your potential clients about you and your shop.  In case it meets their expectations – bingo! You are one step closer to conversion!

Creating landing pages that work is a real art. While developing design or writing content for your pages you always have to look at your work with your customer’s eyes. So, let’s see what you can do today to significantly boost your conversion rate.

Talking to all customers at once is a bad idea

As you already know each group of visitors in a sales funnel expects to see absolutely different elements on your landing page. HubSpot did a great job classifying potential customers in accordance with their place in the funnel.


1. On top of the funnel

Grab your customers’ attention by placing the list of your product advantages in the “What you need to know about the product” section. You can also give some vivid examples showing the way your services or products will enhance your visitors’ life.

2. In the middle of the funnel

Provide visitors with the reviews of customers who’ve already purchased your products or used the services offered on your landing page.

3. Bottom of the funnel

At this stage your visitors are ready to buy or at least talk to your experts in order to find out more about the items they intend to purchase. So, provide them with the contact data of the manager who’ll answer all their tricky questions. NOTE: If you offer product A with the abc attributes, let your customers know that right now they can talk to your expert about this very product with these very attributes.

Thus, if the elements of your landing pages don’t comply with the requirements of all groups of visitors you are missing the chance to convert leads into customers.

Pick up only relevant headlines

When users see the ads and click on them, it means they definitely have certain expectations about what they’ll see on your landing page. We’ve already discussed the problem of relevant content, but let’s return to headlines. If the headline of your landing page doesn’t continue your conversation with potential customers you are cutting your own throat.

If you have a question in your ad, please give the direct and relevant answer to it in your landing page headline.

Testing, testing and testing

ab-testingUnfortunately, some online merchants underestimate the magic power of A/B testing, thus depriving themselves of the chance to effectively optimize landing pages and make them work.

In case you need a deep analysis, testing various elements and conversions rate for different pages it’s better to assign this task to the specialist. But you can also take some initial steps yourself. All you need is just to create 2 versions of your landing page:

A – the page, created with the help of your cutting edge tactics.

B – variation of your first page. Change the headline or place video tutorial instead of a simple picture, work at “call to action” buttons etc.

After a certain period of time passes check out the results and you’ll easily find out which page variation works better for your store. Then, test additional elements to create your own landing page “secret receipt”.

Amasty “Landing Pages” tool


All the methods of boosting your conversions rate described above will definitely help you create “tasty” landing pages. But we offer one more effective tool to make your pages even more productive and rank higher in search results just in a few clicks. The Landing Pages module by Amasty enables you:

  • specify individual meta title, keywords and description for pages, so that they are optimized for the content of each particular page;
  • create landing pages based on different parameters, so that the page content does not get duplicated, thus getting more unique pages indexed by Google;
  • specify short urls for the pages, like,, etc.

As you can see the Landing Pages extension enriches your list of optimization tools and allow you fulfill time-consuming activities much faster.

Of course there are much more secrets of landing pages optimization and in our next articles we’ll share them with you. Follow the updates!