a new Magento certified developer from Amasty

Good day to Amasty blog readers!

Today we sending our congrats to Stanislav Pomaleyko, who has recently passed the Magento certification exam. All in all, we have six Magento certified developers in our team.

Let’s talk to Stas about his newest achievement!

— How long have you been working as a Magento developer?

— I’m in software development since January 2014, and I have been working with Magento at Amasty from November 2014.

— Why did you decide to pass the certification exam?

— First of all, I wanted to test myself. It is very important to have your work accessed by someone outside of the warm place at your company.

Also, even if you’re a skilled developer, you always learn something when you’re getting ready for the test.

And, of course, this certificate gives your better career opportunities, as any significant exam, I would say.

— How much time did you spend getting ready for the test?

It’s hard to say exactly. In general, the most active part of the preparations was around a month, but, of course, I have been learning during my whole Magento development career.

— Which part of the test was the hardest for you?

Well, it was harder to cope with the parts about which I knew only from theory and didn’t meet with while developing extensions. For example, I haven’t worked much with API and had to be careful to be sure I went through the theory.


The only thing you need is practical training. No theory can help if you didn’t see how it works on a real Magento website.


— Which resources did you use while getting ready for the test?

These are some websites that I used often: MageCert.com, MageStudyGuide.com, Certified Developer Exam Study Guide book, How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 days, Alan Storm articles, practice tests, and thorough Googling for some specific questions.

— Which activities helped you while preparing for the certification?

— Before starting the active learning part, I have consulted with my colleagues which have already passed the test. Also, I spent quite a lot of time reading, taking practice tests, sat with xDebug and Magento, looked through the databases…

— Do you have any tips for those who are getting ready for the Magento certification?

Well, it may sound trivial, but the only thing you need is practical training. No theory can help if you didn’t see how it works on a real Magento website. There’s no special trick here, I’m sorry =)

— Stas, what are your future plans when it comes to your development skills?

I’m going to work really hard on my English fluency. This is an absolute must for any developer, and your level should be really high so you can read the help guides, talk with customers and colleagues without any language barrier.

Besides, my plans include passing Zend certification.

We’re wishing good luck to Stas – and the team is proud to work with such a determined colleague.