Future of eCommerce: interview with Advanced Logic

Amasty starts a series of interviews about trends, best practices and future of eCommerce. As experts for this topic the sponsors of Meet Magento Belarus 2014 were chosen – those, who care most about the spread and development of eCommerce in general and Magento in particular. We start this series with our old friends and Partners as well as great professionals – Advanced Logic. We have talked with the Head of the Company Davide Consonni to learn what he thinks about the future of eCommerce. We’ll discuss a range of modern e-commerce features, from a blog and omnichannel retail to mobile and social media impact.

Please tell a little bit about yourself and your Company? What does your Company do?

We are a Company specialized in developing eCommerce projects with Magento. We are Magento Solution Partner for the third consecutive year. Last year our solution architect and team leader became Magento Certified Developers. We offer a 360 degrees consultancy on Magento.

The business lines we work more frequently on are:

–        Realization of end-to-end eCommerce projects

–        Maintenance or taking over of existing Magento projects

–        Customization of modules of our Partners

–        Development of new modules

Why did you choose this field of business? What do you think is important about it?

At the end of 2000s it was clear that eCommerce market would have started its whirling expansion and that Brands and Retailers would have started embracing this business model on a large scale.
In 2009 we started working for a well known Italian fashion retailer that was one of the first adopters of the Platform here in Italy.
This gave us the opportunity to know about the potentialities of Magento and we decided to invest our efforts and resources in this Platform.
This choice turned out as a good one as Magento is increasing its scope year after year.
Also, being able to start working on the Platform since its first versions has allowed us to gain very important skills and experience on it.
eCommerce is continually evolving, and so it will be for Magento.
Therefore it is absolutely important to stay updated on all the upgrades of the Platform and to always dedicate maximum commitment to projects and clients.

What are the next steps or goals you set in front of your Company? How do you see it in 5 years?

eCommerce is one of the IT sectors subject to a more rapid development and it will offer a more and more immersive experience for the user. Opportunities provided by the today’s technology to improve the user’s shopping experience were not even imaginable some years ago. We can think, for example, at wearable technologies as Google Glasses, 3D Printing or the latest generation of virtual fitting room solutions.

eCommerce is one of the IT sectors subject to a more rapid development and it will offer a more and more immersive experience for the user.

In this scenario, we will actively continue to participate with enthusiasm to the evolution of eCommerce with a particular attention to our ongoing expansion abroad. We will also carry on investing time and resources on Magento in order to always offer our best competences for the realization of projects with the CE and the EE edition of the Platform.

Which of the current eCommerce trends do you consider to be the most important?

eCommerce trends


Today’s Retail world is definitely a multi-channel experience where the user/client is able to connect and interact with his/her favourite products and brands through the variuos spaces where the Retail horizon grows. More frequent connections between the physical and the virtual world give life to the Omnichannel Retailing.
The Brands and Retailers who will be able to capture best the opportunities offered by the Omnichannel model will be the ones who will obtain the biggest success in the coming years.

Omnichannel brings also an impact on logistics requiring, in some cases, the companies to optimize their internal order management and delivery dynamics to accommodate to this
emerging distributed environment.


An ever expanding number of consumers use their mobile devices for shopping and, more generally, for connecting with their preferred Brands and Retailers.
An increasing number of clients also connect to eCommerce sites via mobile phones while shopping at physical stores.

Mobile Shopping is one of the most relevant components of Omnichannel Retailing and it is one of the top aspects considered in developing winning eCommerce strategies.

Social Media

Shopping has always been a social experience. Users connect now with Social Networks during the pre-purchase, purchase and post-sale phases.
The convergence between Mobile and Social Media has amplified this trend and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Social Media is nowadays essential for the success of any eCommerce initiative.

Data segmentation

To enable customer centricity, modern eCommerce platforms, as Magento Enterprise Edition, offer wide possibilities to use clients’ data at best.
It is today commonly recognized the importance to segment the own customer base to differentiate groups of clients whom to propose certain offers or play given marketing actions.

One-size fits all approach does not meet anymore today’s requirements and it is important to take advantage of the technology to propose a tailored and personalized shopping experience.

Rich functionalities

In order to increase the user engagement and to meet the increasingly bi-directional and collaborative relationship between companies and their customers. eCommerce sites are more and more characterized
by the integration of Web 2.0 logics.
User Generated Content, Customer Reviews, Loyalty Marketing, Referral Programs, are just some samples of rich eCommerce functionalities used also to acquire new clients and increase customer retention.

Responsive Design

As the of web design techniques evolve, sites are able to offer new compelling and engaging navigation enhancements.
RWD and Retina-Readiness are, for sure, among the most trendy UI improvements to offer seamless multi-device shopping experiences.

What do you think about Magento community and Amasty in particular?

Magento community is very important. The CE version of Magento is also Open Source and therefore it is characterized by a native sense of Community.
Meet Magento events are having an increasing exposure. They are an occasion to speak extensively about the Platform, to present your company to a niche audience, to meet new prospects and to learn from top international experts.

The Magento ecosystem considers Amasty an absolutely top vendor of extensions and this makes us particularly proud to be your Partners.

Regarding Amasty, we have been Partners of yours since about one year, during which we have integrated and customized several of your software products. The Magento ecosystem considers Amasty an absolutely top vendor of extensions and this makes us particularly proud to be your Partners.
The quality of the code and the several critical needs that your extensions are able to cover, make your offer a top one in the panorama of Magento modules.

Do you have any expectations in regards to Meet Magento Belarus 2014?

Magento Belarus will be an opportunity to networking with several new people and will give us the opportunity to connect with a selected group of professionals and merchants.
We are particularly happy to sponsor Magento Belarus because we are totally committed towards Magento and because this event is organized by you.

If you could give a piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

Based on our experience, the implementation of eCommerce projects and the needs of customers regarding the customization of modules require an experience beyond the average.
In order not to lose time-to-market, is then critical to entrust your project to really competent Magento professionals.
We hope to see many people at Magento Belarus and to enjoy together this amazing event. Happy Summer everyone!