magento speed optimization extension

Please meet the new extension from Amasty – Magento Google Page Speed Optimizer .

According to UX surveys, more than a third of users won’t wait even three seconds for the page load. They will likely leave your page for good and disappear in the myriads of the competitors’ web services. And no wonder, in our ever-growing digital world every second counts. The entrepreneurs have to concern about a remarkably quick performance of their services unless they want to lose their valuable customers.

Amasty team developed Google Page Speed Optimizer that will significantly boost your Magento pagespeed. Combining different techniques of optimization, the extension cleans out your source code until it performs as quick as a bunny. Spend some time to configure the module and your customers will win necessary seconds during the page load.

magento google page speed optimizer features

Magento JS minification

One of the options the extension employs is a programming minification. The Javascript code may be productively restructured by means of Google’s Closure Compiler tool. The extension delivers you a possibility to switch between three levels of compression.

  • The first level removes comments, unnecessary spaces, line breaks or irrelevant punctuation while the output remains functionally identical to the original code.
  • Simple code optimization level works with expressions and functions, renaming local variables and parameters to shorter names.
  • The third level provides the highest compression, producing more aggressive and wide transformations: it renames global variables, function names, and properties; compiler replaces a function call site with the body of the called function; also compiler removes ‘dead code’: unreachable code and never used functions. However, you have to be confident about the compiled code and follow all the instructions to prepare it. Unless it conforms all the assumptions, being compressed, it may not run.

before and after google page speed optimizer

Magento HTML & CSS minification

You may increase your website speed by CSS minification that can make a script up to a 20% smaller. The extension’s feature significantly hastens download time by removing spaces, indentation, newlines and comments in HTML & CSS code.


As a popular witticism goes “The fastest HTTP request is the one not made.” Caching is vital for making the page faster. You can make a good saving on repeat pageviews and visits, as according to HTTP Archive, almost half of all the downloaded responses can be cached by the browser. Magento speed optimization extension adds a Timestamp to Javascript and CSS files to make browser automatically update cached values once they are changed.

magento image optimizationImages Optimization

To manage image optimization for an online store, an entrepreneur has to be kind of an artist, and a patient one. This is important but usually exhausting part of e-commerce. The good news is Amasty always eager to support your artistic undertakings. You don’t have to compress images manually anymore. The module will save your time and nerves by automatically optimizing all the images in a unified format. There are also utilities specified by the file types, which you can install to the server or your website. Bear in mind, you may need a basic knowledge of SSH or your admin’s support.


In comparison to many optimization modules, Google Page Speed Optimizer by Amasty covers the whole complex of on-page optimization. Apart from the source code in Javascript and CSS, it compresses the images, works with the cache, and moves all Javascripts to the footer to remarkably speed up the performance of your enterprise.